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May 31, 2009

The Roman Catholic World


Reflection on Pentecost Sunday…

Pentecost IconToday were the days of Pentecost accomplished, alleluia; today the Holy Ghost appeared to the disciples in the form of fire, and gave them the gifts of His graces:  He send them throughout the whole world to preach and testify: (Mark 16 . 16)  that he that shall believe and be baptised, shall be saved, alleluia.

HODIE * completi sunt dies Pentecostes, alleluia:  hodie Spiritus Sanctus in igne discipulis apparuit, et tribuit eis charismatum dona; misit eos in universum mundum praedicare, et testificare: Qui crediderit, et baptizatus fuerit, salvut erit, alleluia.


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