October 13, 2009

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The Roman Catholic World

by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

“An ungracious man is like a story [Greek: mythos] told at the wrong time, which is continually on the lips of the ignorant.” 

The Septuagint (Sirach 20:19) 

Abandoned Construction Site of "Coming Soon" Gas Station in Ave Maria, Florida

Abandoned Construction Site of "Coming Soon" Gas Station in Ave Maria, Florida

Many families in Ave Maria, including those who bought homes in support of Tom Monaghan’s never-to-be-delivered  “Catholic town” (built in partnership with developer Barron Collier) and still pending “Catholic university”  are struggling to make ends meet, with foreclosures on the rise–in what an Ave Maria resident recently described to the Naples Daily News as “the middle of nowhere”. 

In the meantime, Tom Monaghan enjoys sharing one of his indulgences,  the Ave Maria Foundation for the Arts (AMFA)  with the Naples Illustrated, September 2009 print edition, a magazine catering to the very wealthy in Naples — where one can find ads for homes, offered at bargains like $5,499,000.

Here is one of Monaghan’s quotes in the Naples Illustrated:

I hope I have enough money just to cover the expenses of the university until it can wean itself  from me.  And I have to make sure I keep myself in a position to keep the doors open.”

Ave Maria Fire and EMS Station

Ave Maria Fire and EMS Station

Thanks, Tom, for such gracious and encouraging news!    What exactly do you mean by “I hope I have enough money…” ?   Don’t you know how much money you have?   Is it enough to keep the doors open until the Spring– or is it just until the end of December?

If the photos of the Ave Maria abandoned gas station construction site, or the Ave Maria Fire and EMS Station seem too depressing, then click on www.NaplesIllustrated.com where– as one of the magazine ads puts it– you can find “even more of the luxury lifestyle.” 

Oh… by the way,  how is your  Money Back Guarantee coming along, Mr. Monaghan?  (Read AVE MARIA: The Promise, The Reality (Part 4)  linked below).

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UPDATE 01-27-2010: Why is AMU asking people to work  for free?— such as the latest request for “volunteers” at AMU– plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, skilled tradesmen, answering phones, library, mailing and office assistants, etc., etc.  What has happened to these paid positions?   If AMU cannot afford to pay for these positions– where are people supposed to earn a living inside Ave Maria?  There are only a handful of small businesses in the town– and as for Publix Supermarket, they have a very limited number of full-time positions.  How is a person able to support a family in this remote location of the Everglades– where there is not even a gas station or a bank?

 [Update 03/08/2010]: The “Urgent Care” office  in Ave Maria does not have a medical doctor on site.  It only  has a “Physician Assistant” on site.   This “Urgent Care” office does not accept private health insurance.  It only accepts Medicare, Worker’s Compensation and Collier County Government Employees Insurance.  This  means that you have to pay cash, unless you are on Medicare, you are an injured worker or you are an employee of Collier County Government.

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Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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