November 2, 2009

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(A shorter version of this article appeared in The Wanderer’s November 12th, 2009 edition).

Solemn High Requiem Mass

Solemn High Requiem Mass

A Solemn High Requiem Mass was celebrated today in the Quasi-Parish of Ave Maria Oratory.  This is the first time that a Solemn High Requiem Mass is celebrated in the 25-year history of the Diocese of Venice.   Even more remarkable is the fact that it was celebrated in Ave Maria– where less than two years ago the Ave Maria University administration was issuing its own liturgical directives and celebrating “healing Charismatic masses”– while resisting Summorum Pontificum.  (Read The Chronicles of Ave Maria© ). 

THE WANDERER – November 12, 2009 Edition – “The Chronicles of Ave Maria: Mass of the Dead” by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Many faithful Roman Catholics are unaware that “Healing Masses” are a defiance of  the Instruction of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which has clearly stated that it intends to put an end to this unlawful abuse, as quoted below, from Instruction on Prayers for Healing:

Art. 2 – Prayers for healing are considered to be liturgical if they are part of the liturgical books approved by the Church’s competent authority; otherwise, they are non-liturgical.

Art. 3 – § 1. Liturgical prayers for healing are celebrated according to the rite prescribed in the Ordo benedictionis infirmorum of the Rituale Romanum (28) and with the proper sacred vestments indicated therein.

Art. 5 – § 1. Non-liturgical prayers for healing are distinct from liturgical celebrations, as gatherings for prayer or for reading of the word of God; these also fall under the vigilance of the local Ordinary in accordance with can. 839 § 2.

§ 2. Confusion between such free non-liturgical prayer meetings and liturgical celebrations properly so-called is to be carefully avoided.

§ 3. Anything resembling hysteria, artificiality, theatricality or sensationalism, above all on the part of those who are in charge of such gatherings, must not take place.

Read the full text containing the above instructions HERE.

His Excellency, Bishop Frank J. Dewane, assumed  liturgical responsibility of the Ave Maria Oratory on March 31, 2008.  No “Healing Masses” have ever been celebrated under Bishop Dewane’s liturgical guidance of the Ave Maria Oratory.  The administrator that Bishop Dewane assigned to the Ave Maria Oratory, Father Robert Tatman, had to undergo rigorous training with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, in order that the Latin Mass could be celebrated for the faithful in Ave Maria.   Bishop Dewane’s respect for the Latin Mass is also manifested through the efforts he made in establishing Christ The King Catholic Church in Sarasota– a church where only the Latin Mass is celebrated.

November 02, 2009 173

Solemn High Requiem Mass

Today’s Solemn High Requiem Mass was reverently celebrated by Father Tatman.   The Deacon was Father Brian T. Austin, FSSP, and the Subdeacon was Father James Fryar, FSSP.   The liturgical music of Maurice Durufle, Heinrich Biber and Cristobal Morales was performed by Ave Maria University Organist, Professor Lynn Kraehling, AMU Chamber Choir and  the Ave Maria University Chorus, with Dr. Timothy McDonnell as conductor, and Rebecca Ostermann as assistant conductor.  Andrew Steele, baritone, sang the Offertory Antiphon Domine Iesu Christe.   Mary Remaniak, mezzo-soprano, and Elizabeth Bartell, cellist, performed the Communion Motet II Pie Iesu.

The AMU Department of Music provided the liturgical music for this mass, as an independent initiative in support of the Quasi-Parish of Ave Maria Oratory, and in support of Bishop Dewane’s efforts in promoting Summorum Pontificum.

In the meantime, the Ave Maria University administration remains uninvolved and detached from the Latin Mass — choosing instead to continue its emphasis and interest in Praise & Worship music.  This is evident in the newly acquired– and widely distributed green Canticle of the Franciscan University in Steubenville, which recently made its appearance, with multiple copies placed on each pew of the Ave Maria Oratory.  This Canticle contains hymns  like– “It is Good”, with such catchy lyrics as  lai-la lai-la -lai...  la-la-la-la- la- la… Elohim Baruch Hashem!

Question:  Did the university administration obtain permission from the Bishop, before distributing the Canticle inside the church?

Parting thoughts:

Ave Maria is a study in contrasts.  A very elegant fundraiser at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples  is being advertised to benefit Ave Maria School of Law– but Tom Monaghan, who is well-known for insisting on dress codes, will not be happy with what is going on almost 30 miles away–  back in the swamp.

Unfortunately, a resident in the town of Ave Maria who has become a bit of a celebrity– and one of Monaghan’s most fervent and outspoken supporters,  decided on a more relaxed approach, by showing up at today’s  Solemn Mass of the Dead wearing shorts– perhaps expecting a “Healing Mass.”

(Click HERE for article about proper dress when entering church).

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