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DATE:  Thursday – November 19, 2009

RE: Ave Maria University ‘s Ban of Marielena Montesino de Stuart, Catholic Journalist and Resident of Ave Maria, Florida

CONTACT:  Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Today, the Catholic Diocese of Venice in Florida  notified me through its Parish Administrator that I am able to enter the Ave Maria Oratory and to walk on its grounds.  The same applies to the Adoration Chapel, except that the university administration has not identified what constitutes the Adoration Chapel grounds.   
While Ave Maria University is the owner of the Oratory property and the Adoration Chapel property, the Catholic Diocese of Venice in Florida is in charge of their administration.
The Catholic Diocese of Venice in Florida assures me of my protection in the Oratory and its grounds, in the event that the university administration arbitrarily interprets my presence as trespassing or “disruptive.”   All of the above applies equally to the Adoration Chapel.
The other chapels on the university campus property have not been addressed yet.
As of this press release Ave Maria University’s ban, preventing me from entering university property,  has not been lifted.   This ban took place on November 5, 2009, shortly before the Press Conference honoring Tom Golisano was to begin. 
It is important to note that on November 4, 2009 I received a press invitation to attend said press conference.  The invitation was issued directly by Branden Blackmur at Falls Communications. 
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