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November 23, 2009


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Is the administration of Ave Maria University ready to watch this video?  What about Tom Golisano– the billionaire / politician honored by the university’s administration?  Golisano ran three times for governor of New York, on the abortion-tolerant platform of his Independence Party of New York.  

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TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: Abortion, Blood Money, Ave Maria, Ave Maria University is Not a Catholic University, Is Ave Maria University ready to face “Blood Money”?, Ave Maria Stewardship Community District (AMSCD) Town Government, Ave Maria University Honors “Tom” Golisano Pro-Choice Politician / Billionaire, Does AMU have a Right to Criticize Notre Dame? Ave Maria University Council, What is the Status of Ave Maria University Accreditation Process?, Ave Maria University Board of Trustees, Bishop Frank J. Dewane, Father Joseph Fessio SJ, Firing of Priest, Lack of Fiduciary Responsibility, Institutional Instability, Tom Monaghan, Nicholas J. Healy Jr., President of Ave Maria University, Barron Collier the Ave Maria Town Developer, Ave Maria Development, Ave Maria University 2nd Mortgages, Ave Maria Real Estate, Naples Daily News,  Open Letter to the Ave Maria University Board of Trustees, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Summorum Pontificum, Latin Mass, Communion Rail, Catholic town identity, Charismatic Movement, Charismatic Healing Masses, etc.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart, Journalist and Resident of Ave Maria, Refuses to be Silenced

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