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January 2, 2010


THE WANDERER – January 28, 2010 Edition (Page Eight) “AMU Patron Golisano… Super Generous to Anti-Life Dems” by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

This article appeared in The Wanderer‘s January 28, 2010 print edition (Page Eight) under the title AMU Patron Golisano… Super Generous to Anti-Life Dems.  It was available online at The Wanderer on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 1:00pm Eastern Time.

Tom Golisano

Ave Maria University recently made public a letter written by Tom Golisano, which he addressed to Thomas S. Monaghan, Chancellor of Ave Maria University, after Golisano was honored by AMU.

In this letter Golisano writes that the New York Times quoting him as being “pro-choice” is a misinterpretation of his position, which he says is pro-life now and has always been pro-life; however, Golisano fails to explain his long-standing history of supporting pro-choice politicians (including 1 million dollars for Barack Obama’s 2008 coronation in Denver).

Golisano’s letter, dated December 3rd, is his 2009 public response to a New York Times article from 1994 (meaning– the article has circulated for 15 years).  The New York Times quote is excerpted as follows:

Where do you stand on abortion?” one woman asked him. 

Mr. Golisano responded, “The country has been very clear that it wants choice, and I’m pro-choice.”

Here is Golisano’s explanation of the “misinterpretation”:

“What I proclaimed as a candidate was that, if elected, I would be bound to enforce the laws of the State of New York, whether I agreed with them or not.  These laws obviously allow a woman to choose to have an abortion.”

Bill Clinton

For Mr. Golisano’s enlightenment, below is the section titled “Choice” on page 45 of the Democratic Party 2008 Platform “Renewing America’s Promise”  — something he should have considered before writing the $1 million check for Barack Obama’s coronation:


The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe vs. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.”

The William J. Clinton Foundation, which supports abortion, has just released its list of contributors– listing Golisano in the second highest tier– having given between 10 and 25 million dollars to said foundation since its inception, less than ten years ago.  Click HERE to view the list. (Also available as a screen caption).   The breathtaking amount of Golisano’s monetary contribution to the Clinton Foundation is listed in the same category of contributions given by the Government of Norway and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tom Golisano is also the founding sponsor of the Clinton Global Initiative.  Here is a taste– in Bill Clinton’s own words from 2007, excerpted below from the CGI website:

The Clinton Global Initiative may not exist today if not for Tom Golisano.” “Tom made the initial commitment of several million dollars to make CGI a reality and has been there ever since. I was proud to present Tom with a commitment certificate at the Global Citizen Awards at Carnegie Hall. “

The Clinton Global Initiative endorses, an international organization which has aggressively fought against the pro-life Mexico City Policy, introduced by Ronald Reagan in 1984.  In addition, the Clinton Global Initiative lists as one of their “strategic partners” the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation– which has a long history of supporting “safe abortions” on an international level.

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative was held in New York City on September 22-25, 2009.  Golisano appeared as a “featured attendee.”  The CGI again thanked Tom Golisano through their website, as follows:

CGI would like to thank Tom Golisano, major underwriter of the Annual Meeting.”

In return for the 10 to 25 million dollars  given to the Clinton Foundation– Golisano simply got a public “thank you.”  Monaghan’s Ave Maria University received 4 million from Golisano– which is “chump change”– compared to what Golisano gave the Clinton Foundation.

Nick Healy, President of Ave Maria University

On November 5, 2009, approximately 6 weeks after the Clinton Global Initiative Fifth Annual Meeting in New York City–  Ave Maria University’s administration rolled out the red carpet, gave Golisano a standing ovation during the press conference announcing his

Tom Monaghan, Chancellor of Ave Maria University

donation– and then went as far as to honor him by naming a building after him!  Imagine if he gives a little more to Monaghan’s Ave Maria University– will it then be named “Golisano University”?






Do you believe the rhetoric– or do you believe the actions?

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