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The Chronicles of Ave Maria ©: Who will Stop the Barbarians?


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Tom Golisano has given millions to pro-abortion  politicians, including Barack Obama.  Tom Golisano is honored at Ave Maria University, with a building named after him.

How can the administrators of Ave Maria University have the nerve to file a law suit against the Health and Human Services Contraceptive Mandate, while honoring this man?

Are the words “Catholic” and “pro-life” all about public relations and looking good on paper– as far as Ave Maria University’s administration  is concerned?

Here is the story of the erosion of what it means to be “pro-life.”

TOM GOLISANO - Supporter of Hard-Core Pro-Choice Politicians (including Barack Obama) and Pro-Choice Institutions is Ave Maria University's New Face of "Pro-Life"

TOM GOLISANO – Supporter of Hard-Core Pro-Choice Politicians (including Barack Obama) and Pro-Choice Institutions– is Ave Maria University’s New Face of “Pro-Life”


Ave Maria University and the honoring of a politician from New York named Tom Golisano

February 24, 2010

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart for

For those who are unable to make moral distinctions, it is often easier to dismiss or ignore the facts.

Which begs the question…

Does Ave Maria University administration act on principles… or on perceptions?


Tom Monaghan, Chancellor, President? and King of Everything

Tom Monaghan, Chancellor, CEO and founder of Ave Maria University

During a press conference on November 5, 2009 Ave Maria University’s administration honored billionaire / politician, Tom Golisano, in violation of the rules of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)– and in violation of conservative values. Naples Daily News coverage (PDF).

TOM GOLISANO – AVE MARIA UNIVERSITY’S NEW FACE OF “PRO-LIFE.” Golisano –Major financial supporter of pro-choice politicians and institutions that promote abortion

Golisano has an active and long-standing history of breathtaking financial support of socialist pro-choice politicians (including Barack Obama) and pro-choice institutions.  But Ave Maria University’s administration does not seem to mind– and will permanently honor Golisano by naming a 38,107 square-foot building after him, in exchange for a gift of $4 million from Golisano.  Construction on the Golisano building is scheduled to begin soon.

Let’s look at some timelines and facts:

TIMELINE:  October 23, 1994– The New York Times  (PDF) reports Tom Golisano’s statement “I’m pro-choice.”

TIMELINE:  2007– Tom Golisano is honored as the founding sponsor of the Clinton Global Initiative (an organization which  supports abortion on an international level).

Here is a taste– in Bill Clinton’s own words, excerpted below from the CGI website:

The Clinton Global Initiative may not exist today if not for Tom Golisano. Tom made the initial commitment of several million dollars to make CGI a reality and has been there ever since. I was proud to present Tom with a commitment certificate at the Global Citizen Awards at Carnegie Hall. ”

The Clinton Global Initiative endorses EngenderHealth ( an international organization which promotes “safe abortions” on-demand, and which has aggressively fought against the pro-life Mexico City Policy, introduced by Ronald Reagan in 1984.  In addition, the Clinton Global Initiative lists as one of their “strategic partners” the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation– which also has a long history of supporting “safe abortions” on an international level.

TIMELINE:  2008– Golisano gives $1 million dollars to Barack Obama’s coronation in Denver– reaffirming his long history of contributions to socialist pro-choice politicians.  (The New York Times)(PDF). He also gave millions of dollars to support 50 politicians endorsed by NARAL.  NARAL Pro-Choice New York Political Action Committee works to elect pro-choice candidates across New York State.  Here is the tragic  socialist (PDF) pro-choice success that Golisano helped bring about.

President Barack Obama – Golisano gave One Million Dollars for Barack Obama’s Coronation in Denver

TIMELINE:  September 22-25, 2009– the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative is held in New York City.   Golisano appears as a “featured attendee” (you’ll find him right above Al Gore on the  CGI website)(PDF).  The CGI, again, thanks Tom Golisano through its website, as follows:

CGI would like to thank Tom Golisano, major underwriter of the Annual Meeting [2009].” (See “Financing an Equitable Future”). Available in PDF.

TIMELINE:  November 5, 2009– approximately six weeks after the Clinton Global Initiative Fifth Annual Meeting in New York City–  Ave Maria University’s administration rolls out the red carpet, gives Golisano a standing ovation during the press conference and announces it will name a building after him– in exchange for a $4 million dollar donation.

*-IMPORTANT FACT:  Falls Communications (AMU’s PR firm) writes a “recommendation” to Ave Maria University’s administration in preparation for the Golisano press conference.  The “recommendation” outlines what to say, in case questions are posed ”regarding other entities that Mr. Golisano has contributed funds to in the past that may be contrary to the mission of Ave Maria (or any positions he has held politically).”

Here is the full text of the Falls Communications “recommendation” to Ave Maria University, concerning Golisano:

“Golisano: Recommendation from R. Falls

I recommend we come up with a single positioning statement that Ave Maria leadership can refer to with regard to any and all questions regarding other entities that Mr. Golisano has contributed funds to in the past that may be contrary to the mission of Ave Maria (or any positions he has held politically). Please keep in mind, that if we don’t like the premise of a question — we can always change the premise.

Let me state how pleased and grateful we are to Mr. Golisano for his generosity and his obvious support of our mission. A gift of this magnitude is a clear demonstration of a personal commitment he has made to Ave Maria which encompasses our curriculum, our core values and our dedication to the teachings of the Church.

It all comes down to how pressing the media might be regarding his other contributions (or positions) that may be contrary to AMU’s mission. This statement is strong because it focuses on two primary messages:

1. Our gratitude for the gift

2. Dedication to our mission“We can precede our answer above with a dismissal of a premise by saying:

I think that question is not applicable to what we are celebrating today.

I think it is just the best way out of the situation. Otherwise they will just pick apart any other answer we give them.”

The Falls Communications “recommendation” shows that Ave Maria University’s administration knew about Golisano’s background through their own PR firm.  Add to this, the fact that Golisano’s political “abortion-tolerant” history and long-standing support of  socialist pro-choice politicians and pro-choice institutions, are easily accessible through online news sources and public records.

Ave Maria University’s administration chose to follow the ”recommendation” from the PR firm and proceeded with the honoring of Golisano– ceremonially, and permanently– by naming a building after him.  All in violation of the USCCB rules, which state:

The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”–  From Catholics in Political Life (USCCB 2004).

The USCCB makes it very clearsupport for their actions.” Golisano has a clear and long-standing record of actions that support pro-choice politicians and pro-choice institutions.

TIMELINE:  December 3, 2009– public pressure builds.  Golisano writes a letter addressed to Tom Monaghan (made public by AMU) where Golisano claims that he really is pro-life!  In this letter Golisano writes that The New York Times quoting him as being “pro-choice” is a misinterpretation of his position, which he says is pro-life now and has always been pro-life; however, Golisano fails to explain his long-standing history of financial support of socialist pro-choice politicians and pro-choice institutions.

Golisano’s letter (again– dated December 3rd) is his 2009 public response to The New York Times October 23, 1994 article (meaning– the article had circulated for 15 years).  The New York Times quote is excerpted as follows:

Where do you stand on abortion?” one woman asked him.

Mr. Golisano responded, “The country has been very clear that it wants choice, and I’m pro-choice.”

Here is Golisano’s explanation of the “misinterpretation”:

“What I proclaimed as a candidate was that, if elected, I would be bound to enforce the laws of the State of New York, whether I agreed with them or not.  These laws obviously allow a woman to choose to have an abortion.”

READ MY COMMENTARY about Golisano’s futile attempt to explain his “I’m pro-choice” statement.

TIMELINE:  January, 2010– the William J. Clinton Foundation, which openly supports abortion, releases its list of

Bill Clinton – On January, 2010 the William J. Clinton Foundation announced it had received between 10-25 million dollars from Golisano. The Clinton Foundation openly supports abortion.

contributors–listing Golisano in the second highest tier– having given between 10 and 25 million dollars to said foundation since its inception, less than ten years ago.  Click HERE to view the list (PDF).   The breathtaking amount of Golisano’s monetary contribution to the Clinton Foundation is listed in the same category of contributions given by the Government of Norway and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

TIMELINE :  February 16, 2010– Tom Monaghan again honors Golisano at Ave Maria University during the groundbreaking ceremony of the building that will be named after Golisano.

TIMELINE:  March 10, 2010 – Court upholds $26 million award against Tom Golisano.  Associated Press story may be read here (available in PDF). Further details available from the PRWeb HERE (available in PDF). You may also read  court document related to this case here (available in PDF).

TIMELINE: April 28, 2010  at 10:45 a.m. — Tom Golisano endorses pro-choice Charlie Crist for the U.S. Senate.  Crist was a Republican who turned Independent.

Excerpt from The St. Petersburg Times:

Crist kisses his fingers and touches them to a mezuzah, a small scroll affixed to his door frame that was a gift from state Rep. Adam Hasner, one of the many Republicans who now despise him. “It’s supposed to bring good luck,” Crist says. He reaches for his black Samsung cell phone to check messages. The in-box is full.”

“Ever heard of Tom Golisano?” he asks, reading glasses perched on the end of his nose. “He just left a message.”

Golisano is a billionaire businessman and owner of the Buffalo Sabres who has run as an independent candidate for governor in New York and recently moved to Naples.

“He said, ‘I’m just calling with words of encouragement on your decision. Let me know what I can do to help.'”

Crist needs it. Even though he hasn’t publicly made the switch to independent, some Republicans are saying they will ask for their money back, endangering Crist’s estimated $6 million stockpile.”

You may read the full article on The St. Petersburg Times website here. Also available in PDF.

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE TIMELINE:  Golisano is investigated for money laundering through campaign committees.  June 18, 2009- Excerpt from the The New York Times:

This is such a heightened disregard for the campaign finance laws,” said Ralph M. Mohr, the Republican commissioner on the Erie County Board of Elections. “Never before in Erie County have we seen so much campaign money being laundered through campaign committees.” 

Read the full article from The NEW YORK TIMES website hereAlso available in PDF.

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Questions regarding Ave Maria University and public perception:

How can Ave Maria University’s administration continue to identify itself as “unabashedly Catholic” while honoring Golisano?

How can  Ave Maria University’s administration continue to promote and participate in ”pro-life” activities, while honoring Golisano?


Are the words “Catholic” and “pro-life” all about public relations and looking good on paper– as far as Ave Maria University’s administration  is concerned?

How long will we have to witness individuals and institutions using and abusing the words “pro-life” (a sacred cause) as a PR angle for the promotion of their own projects?

Parting thoughts

Those who have made a career out of their list of contacts in the world of politics and religion continue to justify reprehensible acts, such as the honoring of Golisano by Ave Maria University.  Is it that their hunger for influence and access to the wealthy has not yet reached a satisfying level?

The ability to discern what is intrinsically wrong has always been the greatest challenge for those that seek power and control.  That is why the selfless defense of human life beckons.

Someone has to say the truth…

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

This article was adapted from The Lifting of a Draconian Ban, A Cardinal’s Visit… and Monaghan Missing in Action.



VIDEO:  Honoring of Tom Golisano on November 5, 2009 on the Ave Maria University Campus

NEW YORK TIMES (Re: Tom Golisano (PDF)



UPDATE 2014: The Annual Meeting is sponsored by Tom Golisano, Ambassador Gianna Angelopoulos, HSBC Bank USA, N.A., Hult Prize Foundation, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Victor Pinchuk Foundation,  Barclays, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Coca-Cola Company, Ford Foundation, Monsanto, P&G, Rockefeller Foundation, United Postcode Lotteries, Varkey Gems Foundation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Cisco, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, NRG Energy, PWC, Blackstone, Deutsche Bank, ExxonMobil, HP, Inter-American Development Bank, InterEnergy, Laureate International Universities, Microsoft, Standard Chartered Bank, Swiss Re, Western Union, APCO Worldwide, Diageo, Jive, and Knoll.

And what does the Clinton Global Initiative continue to support?  Here is a sampling…

Abortion | Clinton Foundation

Contraceptives | Clinton Foundation

“Educating” children on LGBTs as “diverse protagonists” – First Book’s Stories For All – Launching Diversity Content | Clinton Foundation

LGBT| Clinton Foundation


UPDATE 2013:  Tom Golisano continues to support the pro-abortion Clinton Global Initiative


UPDATE 2012:  New York Times – TOM GOLISANO… THE DONOR THAT KEEPS ON GIVING (Golisano continues to give money to the pro-abortion Clinton Foundation).  Click on PDF file to view record.  Screen caption also provided below:


Tom Golisano– the donor that keeps on giving…

Embed from Getty Images



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