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AVE MARIA, FLORIDA and THE JACKSON LABORATORY:  “A Blow from a Hatchet”– Eugenics and the Catholic Perspective

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March 22, 2010



Is it time for new leadership at Ave Maria University?

Why is Ave Maria University not included in this list?

Young America’s Foundation

Top Conservative Colleges


Christendom College

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) has just issued its sixth annual list of top conservative colleges.  Once again,

CHRISTENDOM COLLEGE - Eucharistic Procession








Christendom College  is included in this exclusive list, as well asThomas Aquinas College.  

The Young America’s Foundation report stated that:


THOMAS AQUINAS COLLEGE - Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel

These colleges offer an alternative to the liberal status quo, because they allow and encourage conservative students to explore conservative ideas and authors.  They offer coursework and scholarship in conservative thought and emphasize principles including smaller government, strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.”

THOMAS AQUINAS COLLEGE - Sanctuary of Our Lady of The Most Holy Trinity Chapel


 Here is the list:

1. Christendom College

2.  College of the Ozarks

3.  Franciscan University

4.  Grove City College

5.  Harding University

6.  Hillsdale College

7.  The King’s College

8.  Liberty University

9.  Patrick Henry College

10.Regent University

11. Saint Vincent College

12. Thomas Aquinas College

13. Thomas More College 

14. Wisconsin Lutheran College

  Here is an excerpt from Christendom College’s website:

Students who are interested in going to a college which does not bow down to today’s political correctness should certainly pay special attention to this list,” says Christendom’s Admissions Director Tom McFadden. “Christendom is certainly a conservative college and we appreciate the fact that the Young America’s Foundation has done its homework and seen the merit in what we offer our students. We are glad to be a part of the list.”  

The original vision of Christendom lives today through the institution’s devotion to Catholic theology and way of life. The core curriculum reinforces a Catholic worldview and teaches students to ‘distinguish truth from error or distortion, and then to communicate truth accurately, effectively, and convincingly to others,’ the report states.”

“Distinguish truth from error or distortion” 

.  .  . Something desperately needed, in a world where some academic institutions can no longer make moral distinctions.

Congratulations Christendom College, Thomas Aquinas College…  and all the colleges and universities selected by Young America’s Foundation!

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