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AVE MARIA, FLORIDA and THE JACKSON LABORATORY:  A Blow from a Hatchet”– Eugenics and the Catholic Perspective

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The Roman Catholic World

April 25, 2010

by Marielena Montesino de Stuart 

The following excerpt is from Charles E. Rice’s article, titled AVE MARIA and ABORTION: The Controversy Behind Monaghan’s Ave Maria Town “Scheme”   — published  by The Wanderer, as a FRONT PAGE FEATURE ARTICLE  – February 18, 2010 Edition.  The full text is available through the link following this excerpt:

But if “promo­tion” of abortion is not counseling or referral, what is it?  Does it in­clude the performance of abor­tions? Can you promote abortion by performing abortions?

The draft­ers of Section 6.5(V) drew a dis­tinction between performance and promotion of abortion. But how can you perform abortions without promoting abortion? Promotion, unlike counseling and referrals, is a vague term and should not have been used in that context. If the ab­solute prohibition of abortion is void and if promotion of abortion can include performance of abor­tions, Mrs. Marielena Montesino de Stuart’s criticism has merit. 

In any event, Mrs. Montesino de Stuart understated her case. Will Ave Maria Town be required to permit the performance of some abortions? Yes, if, as seems clear, Ave Maria is subject to the Four­teenth Amendment under the crite­ria of Marsh v. Alabama.”

Charles E. Rice, Constitutional Scholar and  Professor Emeritus at Notre Dame Law School

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Here is the full text of today’s featured article about the abortion controversy in Ave Maria, Florida, by Professor Charles E. Rice:   

AVE MARIA and ABORTION:  The Controversy Behind Monaghan’s Ave Maria Town “Scheme” 

CHARLES E. RICE - Constitutional Law Scholar, Professor Emeritus at Notre Dame Law School

Ave Maria, Florida

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