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It’s HIGH NOON for the Ave Maria-Jackson Lab Deal

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by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Some powerful landowners in Southwest Florida are in a rush.  They are quickly attempting to circumvent a super majority law (4/5ths vote required) for changes in zoning, which affect the site where the controversial Jackson Lab hopes to open in Ave Maria– a town in Eastern Collier County.  

Why are these powerful landowners in such a rush? 

Because a super majority vote could bring an end to the scandalous Jackson Lab taxpayer-funded proposed move to Ave Maria.

But there is another reason why the landowners are in a rush.

There is a ‘new sheriff in town’.  Her name is Georgia Hiller.  She is a new commissioner in Collier County who likes to dig into records in search of transparency.

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GEORGIA HILLER – New Collier County Commissioner


 The Jackson Lab? 

The Jackson Lab is a genetics facility involved in activities that include workshops and resources for Human Embryonic Stem Cell (HESC) Research.  But the folks at the Jackson Lab put everyone on notice that they may, in fact,  ‘kick it up a notch’– when Chuck Hewitt, VP of the Jackson Lab stated to the Naples Daily News (April 10, 2010) that they are not willing to rule out actually doing HESC research.
Yet, this is a time when scientists are shifting their focus more and more to Adult Stem Cell Research, as they see the impressive clinical results emerging worldwide in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, cancer, cardiac conditions, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, blindness, multiple sclerosis, autism and AIDS.
This makes the proposed taxpayer funding of the Jackson Lab and its involvement with HESC even more alarming and suspicious.  Add to this– the recent shutting down of public access to Jackson Lab documentation connected with the Collier County deal they are trying to get in Ave Maria.   What are they trying to hide? 
There is a  stench of corruption in the Southwest Florida air.
The Bishop speaks out 
In view of the Jackson Lab’s involvement in the world of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, His Excellency, Frank J. Dewane, Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in Florida, (which includes Collier County) has expressed serious concerns about the lab’s move to Ave Maria– based on the Roman Catholic Church’s condemnation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research as a serious crime against innocent human life. 
Monaghan’s “city of God” and the culture of death
Ave Maria was promoted as a “Catholic town” and a “city of God” by millionaire pizza salesman, Tom Monaghan.  Surely those who trusted Monaghan’s Catholic town promises could have never imagined that within two years Monaghan would be throwing open the doors of his “city of God” to a lab involved in the culture of death.
Yet, officials at Ave Maria University remain unmoved by the bishop’s public statement, as they appear to continue their support of the Jackson Lab’s proposed arrival in Ave Maria.  Interestingly, His Excellency even  serves as an ex-officio member of the AMU Board of Trustees.
Ave Maria University is not a Catholic university
 The Ave Maria University officials who welcome the Jackson Lab include, of course, pizza tycoon-turned-university chancellor, Tom Monaghan,  and maritime lawyer-turned-university president, Nick Healy.   It is also important to note that the Catholic faculty at AMU has not expressed public opposition to the Jackson Lab’s taxpayer-funded proposal, nor to the Jackson Lab’s proposed move to Ave Maria.
This scenario cannot possibly inspire the local bishop– who has never granted official Catholic recognition to Ave Maria University.  Catholic recognition can only be granted by the Church– and this is a big deal.  Anyone who does not respect or recognize the authority of the bishop is not a Roman Catholic.  There is no getting around it.
Ave Maria University cannot even call itself Catholic on its own website– but appears to enjoy letting outside media publications refer to it as a “Catholic university”– which brings only more attention to the fact that it is not.
The Opposition to the Jackson Lab
I continue to be the only person in Ave Maria who publicly opposes the Jackson Lab, because of its involvement in the world of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research– and because I am opposed to taxpayer funding of such an institution. 
The rest of the opposition to the Jackson Lab remains outside of Ave Maria, and is mostly led by dedicated citizens who firmly oppose the use of public funds for the Jackson Lab.  This is evident in a public poll conducted by the Naples Daily News, which shows that 84% of responders are against ANY taxpayer funding of this venture.
Others oppose the Jackson Lab proposal because they see it as nothing but a taxpayer bailout of Monaghan’s Ave Maria experiment, with his developer partner, Barron Collier Companies.
But while there may be many different soldiers in this battle against the Jackson Lab-Ave Maria deal– at the end, they will all be helping save innocent human lives.
Congratulations, Ms. Hiller– and welcome on board.

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The ‘Smoking Gun’ of the Jackson Lab “deal”

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