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by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  The Jackson Lab is a genetics lab based in Maine, which is also involved in the world of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (HESC).  Thomas S. Monaghan, Founder and Chancellor of Ave Maria University has given the “go ahead” for the land to be allocated  for this lab in Ave Maria, Florida– the town he promoted as a “Catholic hub”.  Really, folks.

“Florida’s Collier County taxpayers, who may end up subjugated for decades– can also thank pizza king, Tom Monaghan of Ave Maria Development, for having provided the 50 acres to his business partner, Barron Collier Companies, for the Jackson Lab’s proposed location in Ave Maria.”

Florida is one of the most corrupt states in the nation– and this includes politicians and developers who engage in deals that sometimes lead to jail time.

Will the Ave Maria-Jackson Lab deal be added to Florida’s corruption Hall of Shame?

The Ave Maria-Jackson Lab scandal continues to escalate, not just in public outrage, but in the thousands of taxpayer dollars being spent to push the Jackson Lab proposal down the throats of Collier County citizens.

Case in point:  an arbitration is scheduled to begin tomorrow, on the matter of whether three or four affirmative votes are required for the Collier County Board of County Commissioners to create or amend a Stewardship Receiving Area (a zoning action)– located in a Development of Regional Impact in the Rural Land Stewardship Area of Collier County.  With the newly elected Commissioner, Georgia Hiller, the super majority vote could threaten the proposed location for the Jackson Lab.  Pushing for a simple majority vote is important for entities such as Barron Collier Companies, since it would facilitate the currently proposed location for the Jackson Lab in Ave Maria, a town located in rural Eastern Collier County.

Then, political activism in favor of the Jackson Lab proposal would continue in Tallahassee, while Barron Collier Companies and its travelling companions sit back and wait for taxpayer money– the people’s money,  to fall like manna from heaven for the Ave Maria-Jackson Lab deal.

Florida’s Collier County taxpayers, who may end up subjugated for decades– can also thank pizza king, Tom Monaghan of Ave Maria Development,  for having provided the 50 acres to his business partner, Barron Collier Companies, for the Jackson Lab’s proposed location in Ave Maria.

A super majority vote, as applies to the aforementioned situation,  is a matter of law.  Yet, the Collier County Board of County Commissioners sided with the powerful landowners from Eastern Collier County, in favor of hiring a retired judge, to act as arbitrator on whether a simple majority vote should apply.

This arbitration process is looked upon by many as an attempt to circumvent the law.  The outcome will probably be useless, since it will surely be challenged in court– simply to end up as another waste of taxpayer dollars.

Commissioner Tom Henning has been the courageous lone dissenting voice in the Jackson Lab debacle, fighting on behalf of taxpayer’s rights, by demanding a referendum that would allow the voters to decide how their taxpayer money should be spent.  He has referred to the Jackson Lab proposal as an “embarrassment” that has divided the community.  Commissioner Henning also voted against the arbitration process, standing behind the super majority vote, as a matter of law.

The arbitration process appears to have been carefully orchestrated so that it could take place before December 14, when commissioners were originally scheduled to vote on the matter; however, two days ago, the attorney for Collier County announced that due to an “advertising error” the town of Ave Maria items have been removed from the Dec. 14, 2010 Board of Commissioners’ agenda.  UPDATE: Dec. 13, 2010.

This mad rush for an arbitration appears to be in fear of the “new sheriff in town’– newly elected Commissioner, Georgia Hiller, who supports the super majority law.  Ms. Hiller is an attorney, and former certified public accountant, with extensive experience in auditing, finance, and civil law. She is a fiscal conservative. She believes in less government, less taxes and impact fees, and increased visibility into county operations.  She wants to see wasteful spending stopped.  She is pro-business– but demands transparency in economic development.

Here is what Ms. Hiller had to say today, about the arbitration process scheduled to begin tomorrow:

—–Original Message—–
From: HillerGeorgia
To: Marielena Montesino de Stuart <>
Cc: HenningTom
Sent: Fri, Dec 10, 2010 7:14 am
Subject: RE: Arbitration – December 11, 2010


I am concerned that this matter relates to all residents of Collier County and therefore this is a matter unsuited for arbitration.

Thank you.

Commissioner Georgia Hiller

District 2


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