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by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  The Jackson Lab is a genetics lab based in Maine, which is also involved in the world of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (HESC).  Thomas S. Monaghan, Founder and Chancellor of Ave Maria University has given the “go ahead” for the land to be allocated  for this lab in Ave Maria, Florida– the town he promoted as a “Catholic hub”.  Really, folks.

Gambling with Taxpayer Money

The Jackson Lab taxpayer proposal is a gamble.  As in poker, the Jackson Lab’s new hand could be a bluff– to continue their relentless pursuit of taxpayer money.

As a prospective non-profit, non-taxpaying newcomer to Florida, it appears that The Jackson Lab is making a tactical move– by presenting a more positive image for the Sunshine State’s new governor, Rick Scott.

The Jackson Lab’s image is certainly in need of a makeover, since much of its track record in Collier County has had little to do with sunshine, and much to do with backroom deals and sealed records.

New Tactics

The Jackson Lab announced today that it withdrew its $50 million application to the state of Florida for first-year funding.  This looks like an effort to regroup and appear more in tune with the new governor’s financial plans.  No doubt, their actions will be closely scrutinized by citizens and organizations clamoring for authentic open economic development.

With the ongoing legal actions and public protests against The Jackson Lab proposal by Collier County citizens– it would be safe to say that the withdrawal of this application is a manifestation that The Jackson Lab lost its initial battle in Collier County.

It is expected, however, that The Jackson Lab will attempt to fast-track its new approach in Tallahassee.

Whether The Jackson Lab can convince Rick Scott that it is worthy of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars is yet to be seen.  In addition, Governor Scott has announced the restructuring of various agencies, and no one knows exactly who and what will get eliminated, or made part of even larger agencies.

One thing is certain– the pressure for access to taxpayer money will continue, and if possible, the Jackson Lab and its supporters will try to get even more, unless they can come up with committed private investors, which hasn’t happened up to now.   It’s all a game of smoke and mirrors.

The cards that The Jackson Lab has been willing to show Collier County amount to a losing hand.   All that The Jackson Lab and its minions can do is shuffle a different deck in Tallahassee.

At the end, let’s hope that the taxpayers will not be left holding the “dead man’s hand” [1].

[1]: Reference:  Joseph C. Rosa in Wild Bill Hickok: The Man and his Myth, 1996, University Press of Kansas.

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