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By Marielena Montesino de Stuart
for TheRomanCatholicWorld.com


Copyright 2010 Marielena Montesino de Stuart

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  The Jackson Lab is a genetics lab based in Maine, which is also involved in the world of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (HESC).  Thomas S. Monaghan, Founder and Chancellor of Ave Maria University has given the “go ahead” for the land to be allocated  for this lab in Ave Maria, Florida– the town he promoted as a “Catholic hub”.  Really, folks.

 A Divine Comedy Special about Collier County, Florida, and the infamous “Jackson Lab Deal”   

The Story

The Jackson Lab, which is based in Bar Harbor, Maine, specializes in breeding genetically altered mice for experiments– including Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research.  

The Jackson Lab wanted millions of taxpayer dollars to open a new facility in the town of Ave Maria, which is located in rural Eastern Collier County.  The Jackson Lab’s “smoke and mirrors” proposal of a biomedical village in Ave Maria never convinced Collier County citizens– who demand authentic and transparent economic development.

So… a group of Collier County citizens– comprised of one journalist, Marielena Montesino de Stuart who resides in Ave Maria– and the rest mostly from Naples, publicly stood up to the big landowners and three county commissioners (Coyle, Fiala and Coletta) who were promoting what appears to be a taxpayer scam. 

Meanwhile, back in Ave Maria the crickets were chirping.  Read about it HERE

Three influential articles written by renowned investigative journalist, Randy Engel (US Coalition for Life) were crucial in educating the public about the dark moral and ethical problems surrounding the Jackson Lab, and about Ave Maria’s silence in the face of these problems.  These articles may be read here: PART I, PART II and PART III.
The efforts of the above individuals who denounced, publicly protested, and took legal action against the Jackson Lab “deal”–succeeded in driving the Jackson Lab out of town.

But the Collier County citizens who publicly protested and took legal action are not letting their guard down.  Could the Jackson lab deal be reintroduced… or something similar?   

Is it Safe to Come Out?


Collier County citizens are friendly creatures that love to come out and socialize.  

But is it safe?

Is the “Jackson Lab deal” really gone?

Is it really, really gone?


It would be scary to come out and be surprised by another TAXPAYER TRAP! 

Here’s today’s news about the fat rats that were trying to eat our cheese…

Jackson Lab’s Ties to Collier are erased 


The Ave Maria-Jackson Lab Deal:  Another Moral and Political Scandal in Florida’s History 

The Ave Maria-Jackson Lab Battle:  The Erosion of What it Means to be “Pro-life”

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