Hu Jintao, Nov 13, 2004

Hu Jintao

Is China trying to “rehabilitate” the United States?

by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

As the United States loses its leadership position in the free world, more and more evidence is coming out of how it is becoming subservient to China.

On January 19, the White House honored communist dictator, Hu Jintao, with a state dinner of lobster, beef, fine wine and other delicacies (paid, of course, with taxpayer dollars)– which should make even the most liberal leaning American feel nauseated, when considering China’s ongoing spine-chilling human rights violations and censorship of free speech.

The same degree of indignation should be felt over any state dinner and reception ever thrown in the White House, honoring China’s communist thugs.

Who is “Hu”? 

AsiaTimes offered the following description of Hu Jintao’s rise in the Communist Party ranks, and how he pleaded with communist officials to “rehabilitate” his own father– a tea-shop owner condemned and persecuted as a bourgeois capitalist, who died after suffering terrible physical torture as a political prisoner.  This is also an example of what happens when you encourage your son to get a college education, and he turns into a communist intellectual:

“Hu even ordered a restaurant banquet for local Communist Party officials so they could sort out the case over delicacies and rice wine and agree to rehabilitate his father.”

AsiaTimes August 27, 2004

The question is:  What is the United States trying to sort out with China– over lobster and fine wine?

Is the United States undergoing some form of “rehabilitation”?


Lang Lang is a Chinese-born pianist who has enjoyed all the benefits of our democracy and freedom, while simultaneously acting as an artistic ambassador for communist China.  What Americans may not know is that there are many other very talented artists and performers in China who are dissenters, and are not given the freedom of movement that Lang Lang enjoys.

During the state dinner for Hu Jintao, Lang Lang performed “My Motherland,” a Chinese propaganda piece, which is the theme song for “Battle on Shangganling Mountain,” a 1956 anti-American movie about the Korean War.

Hu Ping, a scholar and commentator for Radio Free Asia— indicated that “Lang Lang himself said that he had played the song many times before.   As a world-class Chinese artist, how could he not know the background?”

Lang Lang claims that he only played the melody of “My Motherland” because of its beauty.  Well, that would be like playing the melody of  L’Internationale and ignoring the fact that it stands for communism, socialism, and anarchy– all enemies of democracy.  It would be interesting to see if Lang Lang has ever tried to play the melody of God Bless America in front of the Chinese Communist Party.  After all, it too is a beautiful melody.

Lang Lang is an experienced international performer who knows what he’s doing when selecting his repertoire, particularly at a state dinner before the heads of two super powers– one of which is clinging to what’s left of its freedom and economy.

I suggest that Lang Lang go back to China, so he can spend the rest of his life performing for the masses on a cheap-sounding Chinese-made piano, then go whistle his tune on Shangganling Mountain.

Unless Lang Lang knows something that we don’t.

China, Eugenics– and why Hu Jintao should keep his wife Liu Yongqing close by

Where was Hu Jintao’s wife, Liu Yongqing, during this state dinner at the White House?  She was not listed in the formal announcement. Was she forced to stay back in China?  That’s not a good idea, considering China’s moral and social problems, as examined below.

But you see, female companionship does not seem to be a priority for Hu Jintao– since his country runs a  massive government-paid eugenics program, that includes the massacre of baby girls through forced abortion, including late-term abortion.  “Gendercide”– which is gender-selective mass killing, is having a devastating moral and psychological effect on the current generation.

Although the communist government of China claims that gender-selected abortion, abandonment, and infanticide are illegal in China– the United States, Britain and human rights organizations– including Amnesty International, have all placed China’s “family planning” programs at the center of one of the most vicious campaigns in the history of eugenics, abortion and infanticide.

The British Medical Journal  estimates that China, as a result of this mass eugenic killing, will have to deal with a surplus of 32 million males under the age of 20– and the competition for wives will be fierce.  This is causing an increase in intergenerational marriages (young men with older women).  Considering this grim picture, Hu shouldn’t be leaving Liu back in China– lest he is willing to let Liu be swept off her feet, by a desperate, much younger man.
Even the old dowry system has been inverted in China.  Instead of the woman’s family paying the prospective groom– it is now the man’s family who is paying up to $5,000 to entice a woman into marriage– prompting the latest trend in “run-away brides” as women grab the money and disappear.

Liu Xiaobo

I am certainly NOT a fan of the Nobel Peace prize committee– and Amnesty International definitely has a less-than-perfect record in the ‘who-when-and-what’ world of human rights violations, particularly when it comes to abortion; however, the following AI report issued through its international secretariat in London is worth reading, considering the events surrounding Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, and the Nobel Peace prize he was unable to receive on December 10, 2010.  Liu Xiaobo is serving an 11-year sentence as a political prisoner, for “inciting subversion of state power”.

This report should also be carefully noted by anyone concerned about the lobster and fine wine that was served at the White House for Hu Jintao last week– as part of our “rehabilitation” program:

EXCERPT – [Regarding Liu Xiaobo’s empty chair at the Nobel Peace prize ceremony]: 

It will hold the thousands of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience currently languishing in Chinese jails or under house arrest, victims of prosecution and persecution simply for having the courage to voice their views. People like Tian Xi, caught in a legal loophole and facing possible indefinite detention after battling for compensation after being infected with HIV and hepatitis following a blood transfusion as a child. Or Zhao Lianhai, serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence for seeking justice for babies made ill by tainted powdered milk. Or Chen Guangcheng, a blind human rights activist kept under unofficial house arrest after serving a four-year prison sentence for his involvement in a legal action against forced sterilizations and abortions carried out by the authorities on thousands of women in the Shandong province. [Here is the  Complete Report].

Amnesty International issued an urgent call to action on April 20, 2010 regarding thousands at risk of forced sterilization.  The irony is that Amnesty International also urges the public to direct their pleas to Hong Yuliang Zhuren, Chairman of the Puning City Population and Family Bureau– suggesting that the salutation be “Dear Chairman”!  It also suggests that pleas be sent to the mayor of Puning City and the secretary of the Jieyang City Communist Party, with “Dear Mayor” and “Dear Secretary” as salutations.  As an afterthought, and in very fine print, Amnesty International then suggests that the reader contact “diplomatic representatives accredited to your country”.

How about suggesting that American companies cease and desist from doing business with a country which persecutes and imprisons its citizens when they voice their dissent– and encourages and pays for the extermination of its own people!

God help us if “Hu” gets an even stronger grip on the United States, and we end up needing the assistance of Amnesty International!

EXCERPT [Amnesty International’s Urgent Call to Action]:

URGENT ACTION: Local officials aim to sterilize 9559 people by 26 April [2010] some against their will, in a drive to meet family planning targets in Puning City, Guangdong Province, southern China.  [Here is the Complete Document]

China as a powerful destabilizing force

Nothing has changed with China’s communist government and its quest to destabilize entire regions.  Here is an excerpt from Rome and the African Continent:


One of the misconceptions about African civil wars is that they are often looked upon as isolated and localized social and political struggles.  Yet, China plays a significant role– since it is a major supplier of military equipment to Africa, thus fueling and supporting the ongoing massacre (while deceptively acting as “peacekeepers”).  China has been actively building large infrastructure projects in African countries that are notorious for their violation of fundamental human rights.  Through its aggressive involvement in Africa, China has created an influential platform from which it can exercise economic and political control.  

In Sudan, the war-torn land of Saint Josephine Bakhita, the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) has developed an oil field and constructed a 900-mile pipeline to the Red Sea, so that oil can be sent to China.  Several African nations have entered into strategic partnerships with China, in exchange for lines of credit.   China has persisted in providing arms to Zimbabwe’s Marxist dictator, Robert Mugabe– a persistent  human rights violator.    The list goes on. — Rome and the African Continent by Marielena Montesino de Stuart, October 28, 2009

Meanwhile,  companies like General Electric, participate in the dangerous activity of sharing our technology with China, as described by the New York Times:


As China strives for leadership in the world’s most advanced industries, it sees commercial jetliners — planes that may someday challenge the best from Boeing and Airbus — as a top prize.

And no Western company has been more aggressive in helping China pursue that dream than one of the aviation industry’s biggest suppliers of jet engines and airplane technology, General Electric.

On Friday, during the visit of the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, to the United States, G.E. plans to sign a joint-venture agreement in commercial aviation that shows the tricky risk-and-reward calculations American corporations must increasingly make in their pursuit of lucrative markets in China.

G.E., in the partnership with a state-owned Chinese company, will be sharing its most sophisticated airplane electronics, including some of the same technology used in Boeing’s new state-of-the-art 787 Dreamliner. — New York Times, January 17, 2011


China is advancing rapidly– so a quick course in  简体中文 is in order.  You’ll need it when you find yourself under house arrest, begging for freedom. 


(God Bless America!) 


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Marielena Montesino de Stuart
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