by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

China’s Military Forces

The Chinese Communists are at it again.

Beijing is trying to obtain Pentagon contracts through Chinese defense firms.

Beijing claims that China is not a threat to the United States– but in fact, it is– and that is why lawmakers in the US House of Representatives have voted to bar Chinese defense firms from receiving Pentagon contracts.  The U.S. Senate will need to approve the amendment, before it is sent to President Obama.

Chinese state-owned military contractor, China Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC) may be making a bid for a contract to supply the US presidential helicopter.  Yes, the presidential helicopter.

The Pentagon

The vote by the House to stop China’s latest intrusion in the U.S.,  means that any company that is owned by, or connected to the Beijing Communist thugs, would  be excluded from U.S. defense contracts.

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