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THE HIGH SEAS OF EURO-SOCIALISM:  Are Spaniards ready for a mutiny?


In a country with such a fierce sense of individualism and courage—a country that ventured into the depths of the unknown to conquer the world of the 15th Century—nothing could be more bitter than losing its own sovereignty.   Such is Spain’s reality.

As the European Union increases its economic demands on Spain through austerity measures, the Spaniards see their sovereignty slip away, day by day.  This is what happens after years of Spain selling its soul to the Socialists, even though they are no longer the ruling party in Spain.

Flag of the European Union

The current government is facing a monumental task in its attempt to undo the damage.  But Spain still answers to a much higher and powerful entity:  the Socialists of the European Union—who after years of economic intemperance, now demand austerity.

This tightening of the belt requires that government payrolls remain frozen for the next year.  Public employees (a sector which grew in breathtaking numbers under the Socialist  rule in Madrid) will find themselves with significantly less acquisition power, when factoring in the CPI increase (Consumer Price Index).

Another deleterious presence in the Spanish arena are the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)—which have grown dramatically in the last decade—of course mostly, if not completely, through government subsidies.  These NGOs are powerful and influential entities, nationally and internationally.  While the NGOs boast about their humanitarian role—little is discussed about their Socialist scheme to control  governments, at the expense of the taxpayers.

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The Spanish Ministry of Finance has announced that it will outline the austerity measures for 2013—and that it will clarify the overall effort of downsizing.  Public employees have warned that they will not back down from their demands—as expressed during the demonstrations held last Friday, against what they call “restrictive democracy”.

The government of Spain will submit its national agenda of austerity reforms to the de facto capital of the EU in Brussels.   Yes, you read that correctly– Brussels.   Spaniards are crew members on a chaotic ship that sails from Brussels, under the command of the European Union.   But– will there be a mutiny?  Otherwise,  Spaniards will continue to give up their sovereignty, and eventually their idiosyncrasy—as they journey endlessly in a vast and turbulent Socialist sea.♕


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