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A secret about the Conclave… It's not a secret anymore… Copyright © 2013 Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.2013-03-16 at 11.07.49 PMFrancis decided to break away from tradition (something he excels at) by bantering about his choice of a papal name, in front of 6,000 journalists– during his first international press conference, held today.   He surprised those present by revealing a chat that took place with the Cardinals sitting next to him inside the Conclave, one of them being the Cardinal from São Paulo, Brazil, Cláudio Hummes– who is a close friend of Francis.

Francis laughed while he shared with the journalists the different papal names that were being thrown at him inside the Conclave– sometimes in a joking fashion (“battute” in Italian) by different Cardinals.  The sharing of this information can be viewed at the 20:42 minute mark in the video provided below (in Italian).

By entering into this informal chat with the journalists, Francis sent a message to the world that he is going to put a mundane face on sacred Roman Catholic religious rituals which are  supposed to be kept secret, pursuant to our traditions and by previous pontifical order.  How terribly sad.

Ironically, Cardinal George (from Chicago) referred to the Conclave “as a very religious experience“.  “You pray and you vote.”  “You pray and you vote.”  Well, according to Francis– you pray, you vote… and you joke around.

Why “Pope”?

"As a priest and a bishop..."

“As a priest and a bishop… (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

It has also been noted that Francis does not like to call himself Pope– instead he seems to prefer calling himself  “the Bishop of Rome”  (PDF)– which is also a title held by the successor of St. Peter, but not the one used in formal every day terms.

If Francis does not like to refer to himself as Pope– neither should others.  As such, whenever the occasion arises the title of Pope, or papacy, will appear in quotation marks when specifically referring to Francis.

UPDATE:  My observations in this article (dated March 16) regarding Francis’s refusal to be called “Pope” –were  finally noted on March 27 by the Associated Press:  Pope reluctant to be pope:  What does it mean?  (available in PDF here).  

Meanwhile, the mainstream Catholic media, assorted vaticanisti– and those riding the coattails of Bishops and Cardinals– appear to be terrified to confront this issue with courage.  At most, they are dancing ever-so-lightly around this ‘elephant in the room’.  Proof that is where you need to be, in order to read honest and tenacious opinions, authored and signed by this writer.

Francis and ecumenism– or ‘Hi‘ and ‘Bye

From the moment he became Francis, he began to express repeated rejection of papal traditions (pontifical garments, a gold papal pectoral Cross, etc.)– claiming that he is “humble.”  Well– I suggest that you get to know him here.

But to understand Francis, you also have to understand his ecumenical background– which appears to be more important to him, than his own Roman Catholic faith and tradition. Ecumenism is the equivalent of political correctness inside the modernist Roman Catholic Church, under Vatican II.

A very significant issue that the reader will note throughout the entire video below, is Francis’s  total refusal to make the sign of the Cross.  All he does is to barely wave an anemic ‘Hi‘, as one would do upon running into a distant acquaintance at the local supermarket.  If Francis keeps this up, he will soon have a lot of people saying ‘Bye’.

When Francis finished his discourse, he gave the audience a “benediction” (but NOT a formal papal benediction with the sign of the Cross and invoking the Holy Trinity).  His benediction, oddly, was simply comprised of saying the words “I give you a benediction.”  It must be noted that even though this was an international press conference, it is customary for a Pope to give a proper papal blessing (an affirmation of a Pope’s holiness as successor of St. Peter) whenever he is addressing a group of people, particularly when Catholics are present.

Towards the end of the video the reader will also see that a series of journalists and visitors began to greet him (most were Catholics, by the fact that they kissed his ring) in addition to some very informal hugging.

When he was done greeting the journalists and visitors, Francis took the microphone again and had the nerve to make the following “politically-correct” statement, as if the audience had not “gotten the message” about his ecumenism:

(Translated from Spanish):“Since many of you do not belong to the Catholic Church, others are non-believers,  from my heart I give this silent blessing to each one of you, respecting the conscience of each one, but knowing that each of you is a child of God.  May God bless you.”

Francis’s  behavior is simply the fruit of years of riding on the “ecumenical bus”– which has made some legendary stops in Buenos Aires, including interfaith ceremonies with self-proclaimed bizarre tribal chiefs and other exotic New Age assortments.  Indeed, a scandalous comportment for a former Cardinal and Prince of the Church.

Francis is also known for his scandalous close friendship and on-going “dialogue” with  a liberal Rabbi who supports homosexual unions– whom Francis honored on pontifical grounds.  Yes, on pontifical grounds.

So it is interesting to see the two sides of Francis.  The Francis who jokes around revealing secrets from the Conclave– and the Francis who is so “humble” and so restrained, to the point of being incapable of giving a proper papal blessing, for the sake of not offending non-believers.

It is not surprising, but still very hard to accept, that someone with a track record like the former Cardinal Bergoglio, is now sitting on the Throne of Peter.

Should we call him Francis or Profanus?

During his discourse in Italian, Francis also told the journalists present (conservatives, extreme liberals– and everything in between) that “he loves them very much.”  Of course, that’s after he told  Andrea Tornielli on February 24, 2012  from Vatican Insider,  that “journalists sometimes risk becoming ill from eating excrement.”

Here is the entire interview from the Vatican Insider.  The reader will find Bergoglio’s use of coprophilia and coprophagia in the last paragraph of page 2:  (Available in PDF:  Part One and Part Two).

Folks, fasten your seat belts

It will be up to traditional Catholics to protect Holy Mother Church through constant prayer and by promoting the proper Catholic formation of children. Francis– “the Bishop of Rome”– could  turn the Vatican into a place you will not recognize.  This will further erode what’s left after 50 years of socialist activism through Vatican II, disguised as “social justice” and “ecumenism”.  There are some that even operate behind the veil of “orthodoxy” while collaborating with the Vatican II agenda in Rome.

Socialist activism

Copyright © 2013 Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved - Vatican II Modernism- Socialism and the Magisterium - Dictionary of social doctrine of the Church - DIZIONARIO DI DOTTRINA SOCIALE DELLA CHIESA - 2013-03-12 at 10.41.21 PMOne of the sources which outlines socialist activism (again, disguised as “social justice” in the Church) is the Dizionario di dottrina della Chiesa – Scienze sociali e Magistero (Dictionary of the Social Doctrine of the Church – Social Sciences and Magisterium)– which reads like a manual straight from the Agenda for the 21st Century (Sustainable Development)– the United Nations massive program for international socialism, which includes the redistribution of property and wealth, under the pretext of environmental stewardship.

The Dizionario di dottrina della Chiesa – Scienze sociali e Magistero (Dictionary of the Social Doctrine of the Church – Social Sciences and Magisterium) is typical of the Vatican II mixed messages by “social justice” experts, who support socialist initiatives on one hand– while on the other hand claiming to defend human life and traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

I have news for them.

All socialist initiatives, particularly those coming out of the United Nations, have  restrictions on population growth (through abortion and abortifacients) at the heart of their design.  In addition, all socialist initiatives have, at the heart of their design, the redefinition of the family– including the acceptance of homosexual marriage.  As such, Vatican II and its architects have  charted their own demise– not just because of their break from sacred Roman Catholic traditions and teachings, but also by the socialist company they keep.

Of course, like typical socialist elitists, the architects and supporters of Vatican II are always claiming that those outside of their exclusive modernist philosophical and theological circles, simply don’t get it (that’s 1.2 billion Catholics)– and that we need to learn how to correctly “interpret” the “continuity” of Vatican II.  The hubris behind this is nauseating.  They simply don’t want to admit that Vatican II is a dead end.

If these Vatican II modernist erudites really wanted to help the poor, they would not be promoting international socialism, as exemplified in the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace document, titled Towards reforming the international financial and monetary systems in the context of global public authoritywhich calls for a “supranational authority” to handle monetary and financial systems. This document is also available in PDF here.

One of the chief architects of these socialist indoctrination manuals that the Catholic Church is putting out, is Bishop Mario Toso, a Salesian professor of philosophy whose works I have read, including Per una cultura del lavoro.  Another book by Mario Toso is Verso quale societàLa dottrina sociale della Chiesa per una nuova progettualità, where Toso actually quotes George Soros’ admonitions to the world, regarding  impending economic abuses.  Yes, you read that right, George Soros.

If these Vatican II modernist erudites and architects of “social justice” wanted to help the poor– they would not have spent 54 years in “dialogue” with murderous Communist dictators like Fidel Castro– who has enjoyed manipulating the array of  Vatican emissaries to the island– (including, but not limited to John Paul II, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and Benedict XVI) as a way to reassert the “relevance” of the Cuban Communist “Revolution”– while innocent Cubans are persecuted, tortured and executed, including members of my own family.

It should be no surprise, that on March 12, while the world was waiting for a decision to come out of the Conclave, the powerful Dean of the College of  Cardinals, Angelo Sodano, was busy promoting international socialism, during his homily 

Any member of the clergy who wants to function in full participation with the Vatican, will have to collaborate with the Vatican II socialist agenda, one way or another– or they end up dismissed.

Some of Francis’s Marxist and radical liberal supporters

Leonardo Boff, known Marxist, former priest and one of the founders of Liberation Theology is one of Francis' (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) most ardent supportersLeonardo Boff  (Brazil):  Leonardo Boff, a Marxist, former priest and one of the founders of Liberation Theology (a Communist movement in the Church).  Boff  is one of Francis’s (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) most ardent supporters.

Here is Leonardo Boff’s commentary (written in Italian) with some comments in Portuguese:

Available as PDF here:

Hans Küng apparently sees an ally in Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio). Küng stated on a radio interview in Canada’s CBC that he is “overwhelmed by joy” at Francis’ election.Hans Küng

Hans Küng, a Swiss Catholic priest and radical theologian, gave the following interview to Canada’s CBC and said that he is “overwhelmed by joy” about Francis’s (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) election.

On October 5, 2012, The Guardian (London) published the following article regarding Küng’s call for a revolt against the Catholic Church, in order to unseat the Pope.  Küng appears to see an ally in Francis, in order to end the Catholic Church’s “authoritarian’ rule.  Küng served as an expert theological advisor during the Vatican II Council.

The fact that Hans Küng is still running around as a “priest in good standing” speaks volumes about the radical element in the Vatican II Roman Catholic Church.

Available as PDF here:

Need I say more?




If these Vatican II socialists really wanted to help the poor, they would not be wasting hundreds of millions of dollars to protect and cover up pederasty committed by homosexual members of the clergy– using money given to the Church for good and holy works, by faithful Catholics– from the very poor to the very rich.

The fact that victims of sexual abuse by the clergy are stalled for years by the Church’s powerful and expensive lawyers and operatives, is in itself, a despicable immoral act.

Lower your expectations

There is not much that can be expected from this particular “Bishop of Rome”– Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)– based on his allegiance to the disastrous and heretical Vatican II agenda, his ecumenical kumbayahs– and his on-going “dialogue,” close friendship and scandalous honoring of a rabbi who supports homosexual unions.

Will Francis at least do a swift clean up of the pederasts, cowards, liars and thieves that have infiltrated the Curia?  Will he then go the way of Benedict XVI, by bailing out?

Unless Vatican II is dismantled and its architects declared a catastrophic failure, Catholics may end up with a string of retired “Popes” living comfortably in and around the Eternal City.  Someone has to say the truth… 



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