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By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in free fall: “Pope” Francis meets with “ex-Pope” Benedict XVI

The Vatican II modernists with their socialist agenda aimed at destroying the hierarchy and the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, can now be credited for bringing about one of the most bizarre moments in history.  I am including a brief video of today’s encounter in Castel Gandolfo of the two-headed “papacy” –followed by a gallery of photos and headlines from around the world.

A note on the video, including a short transcript (excerpt) that I provide:  The reader will note that “Pope” Francis presents an icon of  the “Madonna dell’umiltà” (the Madonna of Humility) as a gift to Benedict XVI.  Then, the following exchange takes place:

Transcript (excerpt) in Italian and translation by Marielena Montesino de Stuart:

“POPE” FRANCIS:  “Ho pensato a lei per i tanti esempi di umiltà durante suo Pontificato…”  (I thought of you  for the many examples of humility during your pontificate)

Io non conosceva questa … madonna” (I did not know this… madonna”)

BENEDICT XVI:  “Neanche io”  (Neither do I)

So “Pope” Francis states that he admires Benedict XVI’s “humility”.  This is yet another example of his hypocrisy– given his obstinate rejection of papal traditions (the throne, the red shoes, the traditional papal garments) — traditions which Benedict XVI respected, for the most part (in spite of being a Vatican II modernist himself).  “Pope” Francis is on a mission to show the world that he is so “humble”– but when you are truly humble you don’t constantly draw attention to it.  

“Pope” Francis admits that he did not even know about this image of the Madonna of Humility.  I can just imagine him  ordering the staff at the Pinacoteca to quickly find a Madonna of Humility somewhere.  If he is such an expert on humility, why didn’t he know that the Madonna of Humility existed?  Regardless of the origin of the Madonna of Humility, she has now been drawn into this chaos.

When it comes to the rejection of tradition, “Pope” Francis even refuses to genuflect before Christ during Mass, as he has demonstrated since elected to the papacy.  One of the latest expressions of his rejection of tradition, is his refusal to celebrate Mass on Holy Thursday at St. Peter’s Basilica, or the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran.  Instead, he will celebrate Mass at a prison.  While celebrating Mass at a prison may appear to some as an act of humility, the greatest humility of a Pope begins with respecting the traditions of his position as the Vicar of Christ, by celebrating Mass on the holy grounds of the Church founded by Christ– on THE day that solemnly commemorates the institution of the Eucharist, and the institution of the sacrament of the priesthood.

But since “Pope” Francis is so determined to turn away from tradition on Holy Thursday– why didn’t he choose to celebrate Mass at a hospice?  At least he could say he is showing love for those who cannot attend Mass on Holy Thursday, because they are dying.♕

Here are the rest of the visuals of this bizarre day in history:

GALLERY OF PHOTOS from TGcom24 in Italy:

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