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By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Francis and the Rabbi

They trapped me here in Rome and they won’t let me come home…”

Such were the words expressed on the phone by Francis to the liberal Rabbi Abraham Skorka, from Buenos Aires, according to this report from The Telegraph, in London.

Skorka and Francis (the former Cardinal Bergoglio) are close friends– and even collaborated on a book titled On Heaven and Earth– where they shared their extensive “dialogues.”

Skorka has revealed  that Francis has made two telephone calls to him– and upon picking up the phone he hears, “Hello, it’s Bergoglio.”

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How much influence will a liberal Rabbi have over Francis?

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved. Does Rabbi Abraham Skorka think he can pull the strings?In the latest show of influence that Rabbi Skorka appears to have over Francis, Skorka has boasted about his suggestion to Francis that the Pope Pius XII’s archives be opened, in order to question his actions towards Jews during World War II.

I have written about Rabbi Skorka’s support of homosexual civil unions in Argentina– and about Francis’s  honoring of Skorka at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, with a degree of  Doctor Honoris Causa, on October 11, 2012.

The newspaper El País has quoted Rabbi Skorka, revealing what Bergoglio told him upon handing him the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa, as follows:

Usted no sabe cuánto soñé yo con este momento.”  TRANSLATION: You don’t know how much I have dreamt of this moment.

Really Francis?  You actually dreamt of honoring (on pontifical grounds!!!) a liberal rabbi who supports homosexual civil unions– a position which is against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church?  These are the quoted words of your close friend and confidant.  But let’s not forget that you too, supported homosexual civil unions.  

Rabbi Skorka and Francis have so much in common.



Francis’ legacy

These kinds of revealing statements are the reason why I have said from the beginning, that Francis’s friendship with the liberal Rabbi Abraham Skorka– will define Francis’s legacy.

I will not be surprised– and neither should you, if Francis opens the archives of Pope Pius XII due to pressure from Skorka– and not from internal pressure in the Vatican.

Excerpt from The Telegraph in London:

Moves towards canonizing Pius XII have been under way in Rome for decades but two years ago a group of prominent Roman Catholic scholars publicly urged Pope Emeritus Benedict to halt the process until more was known about his wartime role by opening the archives.”

Benedict had attracted criticism only months before when he approved a decree recognising Pius’s “heroic virtues”, a statement which moved him a step closer to sainthood.”

Golda Meir admired Pius XII

Venerable Pius XII

Venerable Pius XII

Rabbi Skorka’s doubts about the Venerable Pius XII’s actions in defense of the Jews, appear to be in conflict with the testimony of Golda Meir, former Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister of Israel, quoted by Benedict XVI on the Pontifical Mass Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pius XII’s death, as follows:

When fearful martyrdom came to our people, the voice of the Pope [Pius XII] was raised for its victims. The life of our times was enriched by a voice speaking out about great moral truths above the tumult of daily conflict” and concluded with emotion: “We mourn a great Servant of peace“.

Francis’s on-going interfaith dialogue– and his break with formalities and traditions, represent further weakening of the Church’s hierarchy under the disastrous Vatican II.

At the rate this is going, we can expect Rabbi Skorka to become Francis’s new Secretary of State.  After all, Francis has held countless dialogues with Skorka– including the idea (as per the newspaper El Paísof  improving the world through a special leadership” (“mejorar el mundo a través de un liderazgo especial”).



Let’s keep our eyes on this “special leadership.” Someone has to say the truth… 

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