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“ESPRESSO WITH MARIELENA… Francis, The Papal Foundation and Cardinal Roger Mahony”

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved. Francis, The Papal Foundation and Cardinal Roger Mahony 2013-04-28 at 7.28.10 PMThe following is a brief archive of very disturbing (and at times frightening) Grand Jury Reports, legal records, testimonies and articles involving  some present and past members of The Papal Foundation. It is ASTOUNDING  how much these men have in common… besides their miters:

Document 1: Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua (former Chairman of the Papal Foundation Board of Trustees)- This is a NIGHTMARE and a MUST READ.  Includes two Grand Jury Reports, criminal records and court records.

Document 2: Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua


Document 1: Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl

Document 2: Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl  Document 2 is a major legal case involving the death of a young man in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, when Donald W. Wuerl was Bishop. The parents of the deceased were seeking $75 million. The Diocese of Pittsburgh agreed to a settlement for an undisclosed amount. Cardinal Wuerl  is now in charge of the Archdiocese  of Washington DC and is the current Chairman of The Papal Foundation.

Document 3: Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl

Document 4: Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl


Document 1: Cardinal Roger Mahony  Article contains links to court documents released earlier this year.  (Mahony’s record of cover-ups).

Document 2: Cardinal Roger Mahony (excerpt)

Document 3: PDF document Cardinal Roger Mahony (also available here: )

Document 4: Cardinal Roger Mahony: Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke’s archives, at DePaul University in Chicago.


Document 1: Archbishop John J. Myers, Newark, NJ

Document 2: Archbishop John J. Myers Newark, NJ

Document 3:  Archbishop John J. Myers Newark, NJ


Cardinal Francis George, Chicago IL


Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Galveston-Houston, TX


Document 1: Cardinal Edward Egan 

Document 2:  Cardinal Edward Egan .  Document 2  exposes Egan’s court testimonies and legal records, which took seven years to obtain, because the Catholic Church fought against the release of these documents.  Egan is Archbishop Emeritus of New York.

Document 3: Cardinal Edward Egan


Document 1: Theodore E. McCarrick

Document 2:  Theodore E. McCarrick

Document 3: Theodore E. McCarrick


Document 1: Sean Patrick Cardinal O’Malley Archbishop of Boston MA

Document 2:  Sean Patrick Cardinal O’Malley  Archbishop of Boston MA


Cardinal Adam Maida (Member of  The Papal Foundation Board of Trustees– and Archbishop Emeritus of Detroit):

Cardinal Adam Maida is both a civil lawyer and a canon lawyer, which reminds one of Cardinal Bevilacqua in Philadelphia– who was also a civil and canon lawyer. This is important, in light of  THIS LETTER  sent to Cardinal Maida on behalf of victims, which includes the following statement:

On Tuesday, your well-paid defense lawyers will try to help you evade justice and accountability by taking advantage of the archaic and dangerously restrictive statute of limitations.

Your goal is clear: you want to deny victims their day in court, keep the truth hidden, and protect your assets and reputation.”

*- IMPORTANT NOTE:  The above statement was written by SNAP.  Even though SNAP has stood by countless victims of pederasty (the sexual abuse of boys committed by adult males) I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why SNAP does not denounce homosexuality.

In the legal battles involving the infamous serial pederast, Fr. Robert Burkholder, some legal minds were able to find an important  loophole in the statutes of limitations.  As such, Burkholder was charged.  At one point Cardinal Maida reacted to the charges by stating that it’s “serious and sobering news for the priests and people of the Archdiocese of Detroit.”  Indeed serioussobering— AND shameful— for Maida, as a prelate who holds two law degrees!  Here is additional information regarding Burkholder’s case.


Document 1: Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York NY (former Bishop of Milwaukee)

Document 2:  Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan  Archbishop of New York NY (former Bishop of Milwaukee)

Document 3: Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan Catholic Lesbian meetings at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Archdiocese of New York (in violation of rules issued by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, October 1, 1986).

Document 4: Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan Gay Catholic Men meetings at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Archdiocese of New York. (in violation of rules issued by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, October 1, 1986).


Cardinal William Keeler, Archbishop Emeritus, Baltimore, Maryland


Document 1: Cardinal Justin Rigali Pages 30-119 (Grand Jury Report) Philadelphia, PA

Document 2: Cardinal Justin Rigali


Bishop Joseph A. Pepe (Grand Jury Report).  Current Secretary of The Papal Foundation and former Vice-Chancellor under Cardinal Bevilacqua.– Las Vegas, NV


Bishop Michael F. Burbidge Pages 61-66 (Grand Jury Report)  Former Secretary of the Papal Foundation and former Auxiliary Bishop under Cardinal Bevilacqua.

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