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by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

for  TheRomanCatholicWorld.com

Méchelskierch- Église Saint-Michel – Sankt Michaelskirche, Luxembourg

This precious church dating back to the year 987 has been rebuilt and renovated several times.  It is located in the Fishmarket section of the central Ville Haute quarter. The church is the oldest religious site in Luxembourg City.

It looks, however, like the modernists got a hold of this gem.  If you examine closely, the communion rail is gone– and it appears that there are no kneelers. How very sad.

Mother Mary, please help us disseminate the beauty of the Latin Mass and the importance of reverence and tradition.♖

Saint Michael's Church (Luxembourgish: Méchels...

Saint Michael’s Church (Luxembourgish: Méchelskierch, French: Église Saint-Michel, German: Sankt Michaelskirche) is a Roman Catholic church in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. It is located in Fishmarket, in the central Ville Haute quarter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saint Michael's Church

Saint Michael’s Church (Photo credit: M Kuhn)

Luxembourg City, église Saint-Michel. Portal e...

Luxembourg City, église Saint-Michel. Portal erected in 1687, with the coat of arms of Louis XIV to commemorate the stay of the Sun King in Luxembourg City in that year. At the left: St Michael’s victory over the Devil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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