The “ideals” of the modernist Catholic Church– and the art of linguistic subversion.

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

THE IMPOSSIBLE COLLOQUY… between Saint Thomas More and %22Pope%22 Francis - Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

STM:  Francis, I see that you are looking at your watch…  why are you so rushed?

F:  I have to call my friends in South America.  Rabbi Abraham Skorka in Buenos Aires–  and Cardinal Cláudio Hummes in São Paulo.  I must dialogue with them.

STM:  Are their opinions very important to you?

F:  Yes, of course!  I am very proud to be their friend.  Rabbi Skorka supports homosexual civil unions.  He wants peace and social justice. I respect his opinions. I honored Rabbi Skorka by presenting him with a Doctor Honoris Causa, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, on October 11, 2012.  This is one way to show that the Church is opening up. These are the wonderful fruits of dialogue!

STM:  I see.  And Cardinal Cláudio Hummes?

F:   Well, Cláudio Hummes is a great friend of mine.  Cardinal Hummes has said that a igreja não funciona mais– which means “the Church doesn’t work anymore,” in Portuguese. He is a leader in “social justice.”  In fact, he was instrumental in helping form the Workers’ Party in Brazil– and it was the Workers’ Party that helped set the São Paulo Forum in motionDialogue is at the heart of all this, Sir Thomas.

STM:  Ah, yes– the São Paulo Forum, quite a Marxist group.  And the Workers’ Party is now the target of protests in the streets of Brazil, accused of cronyism and corruption. You’ll have to deal with that during World Youth Day.  What does your friend Cardinal Hummes have to say about the fact that his Workers’ Party não funciona mais?

What is also not working, Francis, is the modernist ecumenical movement in the Church. Upon my careful examination of the numbers, it is evident that this “new evangelization” of Vatican II simply has not worked– and cannot keep up with the monumental force of materialistic atheism all over the world.  It is absurd for the modernist Church to continue this “new evangelization”– this pan-religious practice based on ecumenism, which has nothing to do with authentic Catholicism.

Francis, I see this dialogue leading straight to a global plan, where Catholicism may, at best, have a tiny place at the table… so to speak.  And who will be in control… may I ask?  I also know all about Cardinal Hummes, about these “ideals”– and about the art of linguistic subversion.  Have you not read my Utopia?

F:  Are you talking about “social justice”– Sir Thomas?

STM:  Francis, let’s focus and be realistic… as you know, my death sentence is based on my condemnation of heresies.  Since you are keeping track of time, please do let me know when the time of my beheading draws near.

F:  Yes, I will… that is very unfortunate. That’s precisely why my friend Cardinal Hummes in São Paulo insists that the Catholic Church is not working anymore. But you could have chosen to dialogue instead. That’s what I’m doing.

STM:  ”The Church doesn’t work anymore…”.  Yes, I’ve heard that before.  That’s what Henry VIII said– and it will lead to my death.

F:  Sir Thomas… let’s just “move forward.”

STM: Francis, I understand the ways of the world. I am, after all, a man of the world who cares for the poor– as well as for the social, economic and political problems of my time.  These human issues have always been present.  I’m afraid that you may not have read my work, titled Dialogue Concerning Heresies. I have expertise on matters of dialogue– but not one that seeks worldly compromise– which, by the way, has led me to observe and reflect on your effervescent words and deeds during your first 100 days.

F: Really?  Why?

STM:  Because I am concerned that compromise with materialistic atheism and with those who do not believe in Christ can lead to humanity’s ruination. In fact, it already has.  Why would you dialogue with he who “spinneth that fine lie with flax, fetching it out of his own body, as the spider spinneth her cobweb”?

F: But you don’t understand, Sir Thomas.  Atheists and others who do not believe in Christ can do good things too, slowly… and we can meet them “there.”

STM:  By “there” do you mean Heaven?  Are you not afraid that your flock may be trapped in man’s cobweb– without a clear understanding of Natural Law and what it means to stand at the foot of the Cross?  Francis, “we cannot go to heaven in featherbeds.”

F:  Cardinal Hummes, Rabbi Skorka and I are trying to figure it out.  Right now, I’m trying to reach out to everybody– so I cannot afford to alienate anyone.  I need to make sure that people feel good about themselves and the Church. Have you heard of PR?– it stands for public relations– an absolutely important element in the shaping of perception– and the world appears to have a bad perception of the Catholic Church, as being “locked up.”

STM:  Personally, Francis, I could care less about perception. “I do not care very much what men say of me, provided that God approves of me.”  Do you realize that I have been “locked up” by those who challenged the Church’s sacred laws?  It was not Holy Mother Church who locked me up.  Holy Mother Church is loving and eternal; therefore, she cannot be defined as “locked up.”  This is part of God’s plan to allow man to exercise his free will.

F:  Yes, but look what is about to happen.  I’m talking about your martyrdom, Sir Thomas.  That is why there is a report from CLAR * describing that I told their members to not be concerned if they receive letters from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  To just answer the CDF inquiries– then “move forward.”

STM:  “Move forward”… towards compromise?  I need clarification on this, Francis.  Yes, I followed the story on CLAR– and I see that you have not refuted the statements reported by this controversial group, which finds inspiration in Marxism.  I have also observed that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has not enforced some of its most important rules for several decades.  Do you believe the modern Church is afraid of martyrdom, based strictly on Christ’s teachings– which comprise the only Truth?

F:  Not exactly.  I just granted sainthood to over 800 people, many of them died as martyrs.  We now have saints all over the world.  It helps with the “new evangelization”  program that we have going.  By the way, Sir Thomas, we are running out of time.

STM:  Yes… but speaking of saints, whatever happened to the Devil’s Advocate?  Is it fair that martyrs who died at the foot of the Cross, be mixed in with other candidates in modern time, who have been influenced by Marxism or socialist ideals?  You could end up with millions of innocent Catholics praying novenas in devotion to a former Marxist community organizer!  How do you know the truth, without anyone in charge of challenging the candidacy for sainthood– so that a differentiation can authentically be made between heroic virtues purely in the name of Christ– and heroism in defense of modernist “ideals”?  How do you keep influential groups from intervening in the process?  Who is asking these questions?– in the absence of the Devil’s Advocate, whom the Vatican eliminated in 1983.

F:  Sir Thomas. You don’t understand. “I am too disorganized.”  I cannot deal with “management issues.”

STM:  Precisely!  Francis, when it comes to declaring saints, the Pope’s final decision is considered infallible. How in the world did you then manage the review process of more than 800 candidates, in less than 100 days?

F:  Please call me Bishop of Rome. PLEASE.  And remember… “I didn’t want to be Pope.”  I’m here because Benedict XVI resigned.

STM:  Yes, I know.  This is why I have said “you must not abandon the ship in a storm because you cannot control the winds…”

F:  Yes… the storm, the winds… the ship.  Now, they even want me to attend concerts, like I’m some kind of a Renaissance Prince!  I was happy drinking my Mate and riding the bus with the poor people of Buenos Aires.  And now this.  There’s so much to “manage,” Sir Thomas… why, it’s overwhelming!

STM:  Yes, 1.2 billion Catholics will be affected, one way or another, by your decisions, Francis.  And when it comes to saints, I have a right to be concerned… don’t you think?  Would the Church consider someone like me a saint, after 1983?  Would the modernist Vatican consider me “controversial” and “problematic” vis-à-vis the modernist ecumenical movement, so steeped in political correctness?  If I had followed this line of thinking, Henry VIII would be thrilled.  Are you saying I should have dialogued and compromised with Henry VIII, in order to avoid death, for defending Holy Mother Church and her authority?  Who do you think I am… an aficionado of Vatican II?

F:  I didn’t think about that.

STM:  Well, then think about it, Francis.  And… this “new evangelization.”  This “global” approach.  Would someone like me have a place at the “dialogue” table, to challenge this “new evangelization”– or would I be “locked up” and isolated– by those who challenge the laws and traditions of the Church, as has been done in my time?  Do I not have the right to pose these questions?

F:  Let’s move on, Sir Thomas.  There isn’t much time.

STM: You are right about that, Francis–  and from my vantage point, I have much to tell you…

By the way, when I’m gone, you must get rid of that watch.


Stay tuned for more on THE IMPOSSIBLE COLLOQUY  between Saint Thomas More, Francis and others.

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Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

*- (CLAR is the Confederación Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Religiosos y Religiosas /  the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious Men and Women).

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