The poor are watching…

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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“Pope” Francis snubs performance of Beethoven’s work, a composer whose incredible artistic efforts were carried out with modest means– but allows scandalous participation of the Holy See in the ostentatious cesspool of the Venice Biennale.  

What message is Francis sending to the poor?

I was going to ignore this—but given my background in classical music and my appreciation for the incredible gifts left to us by so many brilliant composers, who were mostly poor, I decided that…


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Into the frying pan!

“Pope” Francis–  who appears to worry so much about the poor, should know better.  Poor people are closely watching his gestures and decisions.

On Saturday, June 22, “Pope” Francis was expected as the guest of honor at a concert held at the Paul VI Audience Hall—where the RAI National Symphony Orchestra performed Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Francis was nowhere to be found—apparently so busy with work, that he just could not take a little time out for Beethoven, a brilliant composer, who lived most of his life trying to make ends meet.  The embarrassing photo of the papal empty chair has gone around the world.

Taking it out on Beethoven 

It is important to keep things in perspective: Francis was recently quoted as saying that he is “too disorganized” and cannot handle “management issues,”  and that he has eight Cardinals assigned to the task of cleaning up the Curia. Given the nature and secrecy of the Vatican structure, we cannot see these activities, or lack thereof.

What we can see is:

♦ Francis spending time on a homily where he states that atheists have been redeemed by the Lord– and can simply meet us “there” (whatever happened to more than 2000 years of Christian martyrdom?). Read Francis’s  May 22 homily here in English and here in Italian.  Also provided by Vatican Radio here.  After the media questioned and ridiculed the homily– the typical “explanatory note” surfaced, from a member of the clergy.

♦ Francis spending time on his on-going dialogue (including telephone calls from Rome to Buenos Aires– and at least one meeting in Rome) with liberal rabbi, Abraham Skorka, who supports homosexual civil unions.

♦ Francis spending time at his recent meeting with the Marxist-inspired group, CLAR, and the report of the meeting.

♦ Francis spending time meeting with and accepting money from, the members of the Papal Foundation — whose board includes the likes of Cardinal Roger Mahony.  Has Mahony been expelled from this board?  No!  Why does “Pope” Francis allow the use of the word “Papal” in a foundation which has someone like Mahony (and others like him) as board members?

♦ Francis spending considerable time in meetings with non-Catholic groups, including Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and Jainist groups, in support of “interfaith dialogue” –while the Catholic hierarchy is in a state of collapse.

In addition…

♦ It is well known that Francis “listens” to the advise of Cardinal Hummes (Archbishop Emeritus of São Paulo and Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Clergy).  How much time does Francis spend in communication with Cardinal Hummes? Francis has spoken about his friendship and admiration for Cardinal Hummes, who has a long history of befriending, aiding and abetting Marxists in Brazil.  Bergoglio took the name Francis, as suggested by Cardinal Hummes. Cardinal Hummes sat next to Francis during the 2013 Conclave– and stood next to him on the Loggia of the Blessings, shortly after his election on March 13– an act of great significance, which according to Cardinal Hummes,acabou rompendo um monte de rituais (which in Portuguese means, “ended up breaking a mountain of rituals“).

♦ While “Pope” Francis snubs Beethoven—behind the scenes he appears to continue supporting Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi’s scandalous “art” project, which has inserted the Holy See in the cesspool of the Venice Biennale — without Francis uttering a word of objection to stop this scandal.

A frugal man like Francis  should consider that in addition to time, all of the above efforts also involve considerable expenses, paid through donations made by faithful Catholics.

The world has been waiting for decades, for the expulsion of pederasts, cowards, liars and thieves from the Catholic Church.  But how does not attending a Beethoven concert advance the clean-up process of the Curia?

If Francis can spend time meeting, smiling and accepting money from the Papal Foundation, and can accept the Holy See’s participation in the cesspool of the Venice Biennale– and can spend time conversing with liberals like Rabbi Skorka and the members of CLAR, and in meetings with non-Catholic groups for “interfaith dialogue”–then Francis can surely sit for a couple of hours in the company of some individuals similar to Cardinal Roger Mahony, during a Beethoven concert, where he is expected as the guest of honor.

Or does austerity only apply to Beethoven?

After all, we already know that the Church’s hierarchy has been in free fall for more than 50 years under the Vatican II guidelines, and “Pope” Francis has been an enthusiastic supporter of Vatican II, all along.

It’s unreasonable to take it out on Beethoven.

What the poor need

Francis should have attended this concert and seized the moment to say a few words of inspiration, reaffirming the greatness that a person of very modest means can achieve, using the example of Beethoven.

The poor would have truly appreciated such a message.  The poor need much more than economic help.  They need to see consistency in moral guidance.  They also need to be uplifted through beautiful works of art and music– as examples of the sublime capabilities of the human mind and the human spirit, under God’s creation.

Here is what “Pope” Francis missed:

Read  Is “Pope” Francis really humble?

Someone has to say the truth… ♔


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Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.


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