By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

The repugnancy meter is about to explode…

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“Pope” Francis appears to have gone out of his way to criticize traditionalists, since he became the occupant of Saint Peter’s Throne.  He has had several episodes of tongue-lashing for those who want to restore reverence in the Catholic Church. “Pope” Francis’s  list of condemnations against traditionalists is growing long– and the liberals (along with their modernist chums) are in ecstasy over it.

Ah… but when asked specifically about homosexuals in the Church, his answer has been firmly, “who am I to judge?

No indignation.

No condemnation.

Francis has had nothing but kind words for the homosexual clergy– while the infestation of pederasty continues in the Catholic Church, destroying children and families.  During this past week there have been numerous scandals reported by the media, involving homosexual priests and young boys.

Well, Francis, your relaxed “who am I to judge?” attitude has been taken very seriously by homosexuals, as you can see from the following report, with photographs taken inside churches in Rome:

WARNING:  The following LINK contains offensive and sacrilegious images.

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