The “New Evangelization”–  A nun in Italy takes it to a whole new level…

I was born and raised in Cuba. So, rhythm is in my blood. In fact, it is the Cuban people’s sensitivity to music and the arts that has served as a numbing agent for more than 55 years, in order to ease the pain of their daily persecution under Castro’s bloody Communist regime.

I spent many years pursuing studies in classical and jazz piano performance– and I appreciate talent when I see it.

But there is a time and place for everything.  Or, is there?

The Catholic Church and rhythm

Good taste and respect for religious institutions was abandoned a long time ago, under the Vatican II modernist guidelines.  There is no such thing as a “time and place for everything” anymore. This is what led to the abandonment of Gregorian chant– in exchange for drums, electric guitars and people hugging each other and singing love songs to themselves during Mass– while Christ bleeds on the Cross.

And now that Francis has opened the floodgate of modernism even wider, anything goes.

According to the description found under the YouTube video presented below, the “Superiors” of the Orsolina della Sacra Famiglia, enthusiastically supported Sister Cristina Scuccia’s performance in Italy’s popular amateur show, The Voice IT.  After watching Sister Cristina Scuccia’s performance, I believe she definitely has found her calling on stage– but it has nothing to do with being a nun.

The worst part is that her performance sends a distorted message to Catholic children, who already have enough misleading messages to deal with, inside the pan-religious environment of the modern Catholic Church.

I thought I had seen it all when I was unfortunate enough to come across the contemplative Cistercian nuns at the Abbey of Marienkron in Austria, who joined the Vatican II modernist circus– and turned their chicken farm into a massage parlor, where they now contemplate half-naked men and women who pay for massages, Tibetan meditation and other exotic relaxation practices.

And what about the “Dancing Jesuit?” Oh… you don’t want to miss this ultimate expression of modernism in the Church.

At this point you need to read “For more than 50 years Catholics have believed this bull…” It will have the effect of an eye-opening cup of espresso.

Are the Cistercian massage parlor, the “Dancing Jesuit”– and now, the screaming Orsolina nun– all part of the “New Evangelization?”

God help us, as we watch Holy Mother Church and her religious orders being placed on the altar of Satan.

Someone has to say the truth…

NOTE:  A very holy priest whom I am blessed to know, has just contacted me– adding the following observations:

“Nuns usually are dedicated solely to God. 
Nuns usually practice the virtue of humility not drawing attention to themselves or their virtues, in case of pride.
Nuns don’t sing songs with sexual overtones either in words or the use of tones and slides intimating coitus or intimate behaviours outside of marriage.
Nuns superiors take great care not to endanger the reputation of the order and bring the Mystical Bridegroom into disrepute by seeking the accolades of the world.
Nuns usually attribute all gifts of singing to God and employ such a talent in praising God.
Nuns usually do not seek to be known by the world.
Nuns normally do not give scandal to the weak.” 


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