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Exactly two months after John Paul II was made a saint, one of his chosen Polish priests is defrocked.

Archbishop Józef Wesolowski, who was ordained a priest and bishop by John Paul II, has been defrocked by Vatican judicial authorities after months of speculation concerning his whereabouts, following allegations of pederasty while he served as apostolic nuncio in the Dominican Republic.  These allegations have been echoed in Wesolowki’s native Poland.

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The Vatican News Service issued the following announcement yesterday, June 27, via a brief press statement, as follows [bold added for emphasis]:

“Vatican City, 27 June 2014 (VIS) – The first stage in the canonical trial against the former apostolic nuncio in the Dominican Republic, Josef Wesolowski, has been concluded with the laicisation of the prelate.

From this moment, the accused has two months in which to make an eventual appeal. The penal trial before the Vatican judicial authorities will continue as soon as the canonical sentence has been made definitive.

Finally, with reference to recent media reports, it is necessary to specify that until now Msgr. Wesolowski has been granted relative freedom of movement, as he awaits the verification by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith of the basis of these accusations made against him.

Considering the sentence passed by the aforementioned dicastery, all the necessary procedures will be adopted in relation to the former nuncio, in conformity with the gravity of the case.”

As the reader can see, Vatican officials did not offer any details in the above statement, concerning the canonical charges that led to Wesolowki’s defrocking.

Many questions remain:

Will Wesolowski be imprisoned?  If so, where?

Will the new laws adopted in 2013 by the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State, which criminalized sexual violence against minors, apply retroactively to the Wesolowski case?

What hope is there for victims of pederasty (a homosexual act)– given that these new laws are a reaffirmation of the Holy See’s ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?– while, the United Nations is, paradoxically, deeply involved in the defense of homosexuality around the globe. (See more comments about the UN below).

What about the pending investigations in the Dominican Republic and Poland?  So far, Wesolowki, who is a citizen of the Vatican City State, appears to have enjoyed full diplomatic immunity.

Will the victims of pederasty receive justice?– vis-à-vis the issue of extradition, which has been brought up in press reports.

In light of the above scenario and the extreme canonical action taken by the Vatican, it should be of deep concern that Józef Wesolowski until now has been granted “relative freedom of movement.

Duplicity: The United Nations

The Catholic Church’s long embrace of United Nations policies has created an even more complicated and unjust situation for the victims of pederasty and their families.

Let me explain.

In the midst of all the homosexual corruption inside the Church, which has led to an infestation of pederasts, the United Nations is breathing down the Vatican’s neck regarding the sexual abuse of minors– while defending homosexual acts as a human right.

Has the United Nations forgotten that pederasty is a homosexual act?

How long will victims of pederasty be subjected to this perfidious game?

The world needs to confront the fact that the UN’s pervasive and disruptive “social justice and human rights” agenda in defense of homosexual acts is having a devastating effect in many cultures across the world, which see homosexuality as an abomination.  How then, can the UN act as a credible agency when it comes to policing pederasty?

Let us hope that the Vatican will continue to defrock other high-ranking prelates who have paraded for decades down the halls of the Vatican, as well as parishes around the world, while committing pederasty and / or covering up for other pederasts.

Let us hope that the victims and their families will receive true justice.

Someone has to say the truth…

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

UPDATE: Lombardi: Former Nuncio Wesolowski does not have diplomatic immunity


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