In Spain, once upon a time we had kings and queens who swore to rule by the Grace of God.

Those days are over…

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Felipe VI is certainly taking Spain’s modernist monarchy to a whole new level, by echoing and building upon his father’s reign.

Felipe VI’s first speech, as the new King of Spain, was extremely inclusive of just about everyone– except for God, who was not mentioned even once. The same goes for his restrained swearing-in ceremony as Head of State, pursuant to Article 61 of the Spanish Constitution.

Instead, Felipe VI focused on “liberty, responsibility, solidarity and tolerance.”

This extremely secular initial jolt was followed by a protocol visit to the Vatican, where Queen Letizia did not wear the traditional mantilla during her audience with Francisalthough she did genuflect and kissed his ring.

Felipe VI and the United Nations

For a nation as proud as Spain, with such a passionate and courageous history of defending its sovereignty under the light of Christendom, it defies common sense that Felipe VI, as a Spanish monarch, would be paying homage to the United Nations (a socialist entity) during his first speech as king. We can safely assume that this is the result of his formation.

But let us remember that this is a monarchy in the European Union, where nothing goes without the United Nations’ nod of approval.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know of a single European monarch who is not involved, in one way or another, with a United Nations project.

Here is an excerpt of Felipe VI’s very secular “proclamation” during the ceremonies held on June 19:

«En un mundo cada vez más globalizado, en el que están emergiendo nuevos actores relevantes, junto a nuevos riesgos y retos, sólo cabe asumir una presencia cada vez más potente y activa en la defensa de los derechos de nuestros ciudadanos y en la promoción de nuestros intereses, con la voluntad de participar e influir más en los grandes asuntos de la agenda global y sobre todo en el marco de las Naciones Unidas

Translation into English, courtesy of Marielena Montesino de Stuart:

In an increasingly globalized world, in which new stakeholders are emerging, along with new risks and challenges, one must assume an increasingly powerful and active presence in defense of the rights of our citizens and in the promotion of our interests, with the willingness to participate with greater influence in the significant issues of the global agenda, and above all in the framework of the United Nations.

What would Queen Isabel La Católica say?

Felipe VI has assumed his role as King of Spain, without publicly invoking God– nor pleading for His Grace. This is a precarious situation, considering that ISIS (now renamed the Islamic State) is threatening to reclaim Spain as “Andalus” under their five-year caliphate plan.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 5.21.23 PM

Personally, with such a looming threat, I would want God on my side– along with all the Saints and His army of angels. But perhaps Felipe VI is expecting that Spain will be defended against ISIS by the politically-correct unarmed representatives, with the little blue pastel hats, from his beloved United Nations.

Indeed, many faithful Christians are questioning Felipe VI’s secular approach.

The Servant of God, Queen Isabel La Católica of Spain, must be turning in her grave.  After all, it was she who brought an end to the Islamic domination of Spain– and she did so by faithfully proclaiming Christianity as the center of her reign.

But that was once upon a time, by the Grace of God.

Someone has to say the truth…

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