From Gaza City to Mosul to eastern Ukraine, this has been a summer of death, with thousands of innocents being brutally murdered in the name of religion, peace and political alliances.

While this slaughter was already under way in the Middle East and Ukraine, the United States Department of Defense (DOD) started the summer in a celebratory mood, designating the entire month of June as Gay Pride month, as described in the following report (excerpt). Italics added for emphasis:

American Forces Press Service

“WASHINGTON, June 5, 2014 – The Defense Department and the nation depend every day on the service of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender personnel, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said today. ‘They are an integral part of our armed forces and our Department of Defense and our nation.'”

The DOD’s celebration of LGBT pride was a reaffirmation of the first homosexual “wedding” celebrated at Fort Bragg– clergyman and all:

The Department of Defense now finds itself backing into a battle over Iraq, trying to protect the Mosul dam through air strikes, while ISIS continues advancing its brutal caliphate through the Middle East, beheading Christians, Yazidis and other Moslem groups who will not convert to their barbaric Islamic practice.  ISIS operatives continue to publish detailed photos of this massacre online– for the world to see.

The mainstream media, as usual, will not ask the following relevant and important question: how can the United States lead with an openly and well-publicized pro-homosexual military code of conduct, in a region that considers homosexuality an abomination?

The modern American armed forces, whose leaders openly and loudly embrace homosexuality, are being asked to participate in a battle over ancient lands– where Christians (most of them Chaldean Catholics) are being beheaded for remaining loyal to their Christian faith.  A faith which vehemently opposes homosexuality, as do other religious groups in the region.

Meanwhile, President Obama has repeatedly said to the world, between rounds of golf at Martha’s Vineyard, that there will be no boots on the ground. Only air strikes.

The Boston Herald reports:

“The president is trying very hard to delay and defend and provide a window of space for the Iraqi government to gather itself, reconstitute itself and take a new approach while at the same time not engaging us in a way that Congress and the American public are not prepared to support,” said Larry Goodson, professor of Middle East studies at the U.S. Army War College, adding that “airstrikes alone typically aren’t decisive in defeating an enemy.”– August 10, 2014.

One has to wonder whether the much publicized pro-homosexual agenda of the Department of Defense is part of the reason that groups like the Kurds, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) and the Free Syrian Army –which held a press conference yesterday (Aug. 16) in Gaziantep, Turkey, and also asked for help fighting the Syrian army– no longer expect U.S. boots on the ground. Instead, they are asking for air strikes and supplies of weapons and heavy armament– but they have expressed their willingness to carry out the ground fighting themselves.

The truth is that there is no future for the Middle East without the moral backbone of the Christian communities, which have disappeared after this summer of death– regardless of U.S. air strikes or boots on the ground.

Thirteen hundred miles to the north of Mosul, Iraq, lies eastern Ukraine’s battlefield, with Vladimir Putin and his band of thugs killing innocent civilians flying overhead. Herein lies another military and moral battle that the U.S. must confront– where the U.S. Department of Defense’s open pro-homosexual agenda will be used by Putin to depict the deterioration of the code of conduct of the U.S. armed forces.

Christ have mercy on us.

Someone has to say the truth…

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“Escape from Mosul: The Christians of Iraq”



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