UNDER THIS CROWN... A brief commentary in honor of Spain's discovery of the New World - By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Under this Crown:  A look at October 12, 1492

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus, the discoverer who served under this crown.

In 1492, after victory over Muslim rule, Queen Isabel (la Católica) understood that it was up to her to pursue the germinative idea of greatness for Spain, under a recently united, albeit poor Christian Spain. As such, she supported Christopher Columbus in his voyage to the unknown– leading to the discovery of the lands later called the New World.  The significance and benefits of this discovery touch the lives of people all over the world each day, in spite of the persistent attempt by liberal sociologists and historians to erase the accomplishments of the Spaniards.

Queen Isabel’s victory over the Muslims and her determination to Christianize the New World is a vibrant historic event that must be discussed, as we examine the danger of the current Islamic threat to Spain– and to Europe in general– through the Islamization of the entire region.

Catalonia and Muslims

During one of my trips to Spain in the 1990’s I noticed the growing presence of Arabic-speaking people in Catalonia.  One particular afternoon, as I sat on a friend’s balcony in the outskirts of Barcelona, I heard haunting Arabic melodies coming from the property across the street.  I made some inquiries and found that there was a growing community from Algeria and Morocco, as well as other parts of Northern Africa, who were settling in Catalonia and changing the social landscape.

Unfortunately, the Islamic community in Catalonia has joined the separatists in their push for Catalan independence, threatening the integrity and stability of the Spanish territory.

The charge for Catalan independence is being led by the separatist coalition party CiU / Convergence and Union (Catalan: Convergència i Unió). In order to strengthen its agenda, the CiU is willing to get separatist votes unscrupulously. Their latest tactic has been to intensify their courtship of the Catalan Muslim community—which is now the largest in Spain, as a result of Catalan politicians enticing Muslim immigrants to their region, since around the time when I first noticed their presence in the 1990’s.

And why this love for Muslims in Catalonia?

You see, once there, Muslim immigrants are taught Catalan—and are immersed in separatist indoctrination. The growing Catalan Muslim population wants mosques—and the CiU has offered to grant their wishes, in exchange for separatist votes—which they desperately need in the November 9 referendum—a referendum which has been declared illegal by the Spanish government. The Catalan separatist approach by the CiU is not just nauseating– but its betrayal of Christianity on Spanish soil is the ultimate act of treason against Spain. Of course, this is all being carried out, while innocent people are being beheaded in the name of Islam, in Iraq, Syria– as well as in Northern Africa.

And let us not forget that Catalonia, now considered the Islamic hub of Europe, has been a breeding ground for Islamic extremists, such as the Algerian terrorist residing in the city of Badalona, by the Mediterranean Sea, who in 2003 blew up the Italian United Nations Troops’ headquarters in Nassiriyya, Iraq.

In this environment, it is important to remember and honor Christopher Columbus, for his courage, and Queen Isabel la Católica for the extraordinary woman that she was– in her quest to bring great honor and glory to her nation, a patriotic virtue which is being lost more and more, as the world succumbs to socialism (materialistic atheism) and to Islamic extremism.

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