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Introduction: Shielding Prostitution and Islam in the City of Lights

Paris has an incredible history of welcoming and shielding those who feel rejected in other places. Prostitutes, artists, disordered itinerant thinkers and assorted bohemians have always found a home in the City of Lights. This openness to the world has given Paris its mysterious and extravagant character. This is also reflected in the cultural and economic mosaic that one sees from one arrondissement (district) to another.

This penchant for such fusion of cultures and morals has always kept the excellent French police on edge. In fact, the French police force had its origins in 18th-Century Paris– when it investigated, tracked and sometimes shielded women of the night, as well as their patrons and connections, in order to unravel the Parisian sex trade. The French police can handle anything. Surely they can handle the current Islamic situation.

Paris finds itself in the middle of a storm. It is the storm of Islam and its isolated communities which have turned entire neighborhoods into dark Islamic enclaves– where prostitutes, bohemians and Islamists share quarters– in the shadows of Moslem subterfuge and rejection of the very liberties and openness granted to them by the French Republic.  I saw this disturbing situation unfold before my very eyes– when Islamists began to pour into France from the former colonies. It felt like the lights of Paris had begun to dim overnight.

French identity and Islamic thought

At times I ask myself how people with such pride as the French can possibly learn how to live in any other way– other than being, well… so French. But in the strange world of Islamic thought, which has been allowed to fester inside France, I suppose the French are learning to live as outsiders in their own land.

I refuse to accept these Islamic tones being weaved into the fabric of our societies by the socialists– who are holding Europe hostage to acts of indecency and “social justice”– in order to advance their politically-correct and corrupt agenda.

So as the sun sets again on the European continent, now under the control of socialists and Islamists, a modern-day Ottoman Empire reemerges– like a ghost rising from the ashes at the Gates of Vienna.

Charlie Hebdo

There are nights when I wake up restless with the thought of not being able to express myself freely–in the society that gave me my first taste of freedom. But this is already happening. Every day a new dictum emerges from the United States government, as well as other Western governments, in an attempt to silence those of us whose hearts only beat because we are allowed to speak and say what most only say behind closed doors– or in their whispered prayers.

And this is where Charlie Hebdo comes in, the scandalous French publication that I would always ignore in the streets of Paris– because of its vulgarity and provocative style.  Charlie Hebdo actually served as a reminder that the crossroads of human expression and human repression must never meet– and when they do, the consequences are tragic.  As such, we must never allow men and governments to erode the sacred freedom of expression, granted to us by God.

You see, restricting human expression is the same as barricading the streets of Paris, one by one, until there is nowhere to go. So for me, the Islamic attack on Charlie Hebdo and the massacre of its employees, regardless of this tabloid’s scandalous genre, is an attack against all of us– and this is intolerable.

My readers know that I take no prisoners– so I write this fully aware that Charlie Hebdo has mocked everyone from popes to Our Lord Jesus Christ. But even God did not restrict the free will of those who mocked Christ when He took His final steps down the Via Dolorosa, culminating in His death– the ultimate act of terror against humanity.

I know that my views on the Charlie Hebdo tragedy are not what is conventionally expected of a Catholic– and that means I’m doing something right, considering what is coming out of the modernist Vatican! Perhaps that’s why the following piece was published recently– which contrasts my views against one of the most powerful (and loudest) voices in the mainstream media, when it comes to Catholic issues

The march in Paris

Not since la Libération had Paris witnessed such a spontaneous demonstration of French pride in defense of free expression and freedom, as evidenced in last week’s extraordinary march.

But there is a historic parallel that needs to be made. The day that Général De Gaulle marched in front of thousands after the defeat of the Nazis, the demonstrations of the time helped create the illusion that Vichy’s vision of France had disappeared. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many of the players who stood behind Phillippe Pétain’s shameful Vichy regime were present in the celebratory crowds– after dishonoring France in the eyes of the world, having entered into collaboration with Nazi socialist ideals.

Tragically, the events that took place in Paris last week during the march, mirrored what transpired after la Libération.

Many of the key socialist players who have brought Islamic barbarism to Europe marched shoulder to shoulder claiming to defend freedom of expression– while delivering nauseating antiseptic statements trying not to offend Islam. To make matters worse, there were representatives at the march from nations that restrict free speech, such as Russia, Algeria, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and others. All this while a Saudi blogger has been sentenced to receive 1,000 lashes at a public square in Jeddah, for supporting democracy and free speech.

To me, it really does not matter whether Barack Obama showed up or not at the march– considering his mantra that Islam “is a religion of peace.” The hypocrisy is never-ending and nauseating.

Personally, I go with the facts– so I also give a damn what term you want to use to refer to the sadistic Islamists who carry out monstrous murder rituals in the name of Allah– making the blood flow from so many innocent people in the Middle East, Europe and other parts of the world. I am a survivor of communism– and one thing you learn under totalitarian regimes is to get right to the point.

As we are faced with the injustices and indifference of a world that has descended into an abyss of violence, there are certain facts that must be kept in check:

If you don’t like the idea of having what you say censored– then don’t call yourself “progressive.”

If you don’t like the idea of calling for death to the infidels and killing Jews and others while they shop for food at a Kosher Market– then don’t call yourself an Islamist.

So, will the great virtues of the French people shine at the center of this battle for survival, inspired by extraordinary men like Louis IX– for the sake of every piece of freedom that has meant so much to those of us who were born captive of barbaric regimes?

Every day that passes I miss more and more the strong but solitary spirit that makes great men turn into giants– when everything that is dear to them is being taken away. This is what makes life meaningful. This is what makes life worth living.


Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

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