Now that he’s gone…

NOW THAT HE'S GONE- THE AFTERMATH OF FRANCIS'S VISIT TO CUBA AND THE UNITED STATES - Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

I decided quite some time ago that I had covered more than enough of Francis and his social justice (socialist) agenda– and that it was time for me to sit back and let the truth fall into place. I have written so much about this peculiar former Cardinal Bergoglio– “from the end of the world”– that I do not feel the need to jump each time he issues another proclamation that offends or confounds Catholics and non-Catholics alike. After all, Francis is the most idiosyncratic man to sit on the Throne of Peter in modern times, and was elected by an equally idiosyncratic modernist conclave. Plus, what’s the big deal about someone like Francis being enthusiastically received by Cuba’s communist despots, the Castro brothers– and their supporters in the White House?

I knew that once Francis boarded the Alitalia flight back to Rome and it reached a certain altitude, we would see with even more clarity the purpose of his visit to Cuba and the United States: to solidify the social justice agenda (socialism) envisioned by the crafters of Vatican II– over half a century ago. But as expected, I have continued to receive messages from readers in different parts of the world, who are anxious to hear my opinion on Francis’s stay in Cuba.  I can understand their interest. I am a practicing Roman Catholic who survived Fidel Castro’s “social justice” revolution– a  façade for the communism that followed, which changed my life forever.

I found political refuge in the United States and have been an outspoken citizen against communism, against abortion (without exceptions), as well as in defense of freedom and authentic conservative values, which I have expressed through my writing and activities, including my  2012 campaign for the United States Senate (on the ballot, Republican – FL).

The former Cardinal Bergoglio

I feel I have exhausted every avenue of expression regarding Francis, as the perplexing man that he is. But as I reflect on the aftermath of Francis’s visit to Cuba and the United States, I find myself going through the painful effort of continuing to expose the truth about the modernist Vatican hierarchy– and the ongoing love affair that these modernist religious authorities have with socialism– which is Phase One of communism.

During the evening of Francis’s election to the papacy on March 13, 2013, as he stood on the Loggia of the Blessings ready to greet the crowds in St. Peter’s Square, I knew quite well that Francis’s time in the Vatican would open the doors wide open to the full-blown socialism envisioned by the crafters of Vatican II (the Second Vatican Council)– which began in 1962 and concluded in 1965. Francis has been loyal to this vision, leaving little to the imagination, as his statements attract a circus of heretics, homosexuals, communists, disordered “intellectuals”– and the utterly confused– who all thrive in the chaotic socialist environment of the modernist Vatican II Church.

Francis’s arrival in Rome was also greeted with tremendous joy– mostly by well-meaning faithful Catholics who had bought into the modernist agenda and were unaware of Francis’s “progressive” background in Argentina. In fact, I received a few offensive emails from individuals (mostly American Catholics) who simply could not understand how I could be such a critic of Francis. I have been more than vindicated through Francis’s own words and actions– since my “daring” commentary that fateful night of March 13, 2013, titled, “FRANCIS: Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit from ‘the end of the world’– may end up taking you there…”

Speaking from experience

As a survivor of communism in Cuba I am not surprised when another pope makes the pilgrimage de rigueur to Cuba, where they are photographed shaking hands with the world’s most famous communist despot, the “comandante” Fidel Castro. Why should Francis be the exception– when some of his closest friends and admirers, like Cardinal Hummes of Brazil, are devout socialists?

When I write about this topic I do it based on my experiences under communism– an oppressive system which opens your eyes and your soul to the truth that lies behind words and gilded doors– whether the words are uttered by so-called “orthodox” Catholic prelates who claim to be traditionalists, or whether they are uttered by “progressive” prelates– since both “orthodox” and “progressives” have equally served the Vatican II socialist agenda, in one way or another.

Yet, through it all, both in Cuba and in the United States, my family and I never, EVER, sought the help, membership or company of any lay Catholic group– such as Opus Dei, Regnum Christi, et cetera, et cetera. This is clearly stated in my commentary about the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II. Our only weapon against the communists was the truth laid out through Our Lord’s Crucifixion and the refuge in the Rosary, which gave us clarity in our faith.

This clarity has served me well, as I navigated the socialist post-conciliar waters in the United States and Europe– not allowing this turbulence to affect my faith and understanding of the richness and beauty of Holy Mother Church.

Now that he’s gone

So, as I examine the aftermath of Francis’s visit to Cuba and the United States, several things stand out:

  1. Francis did not demand (that’s right, demand) to see political prisoners or dissenters in Cuba. Why? Very simply, because the modernist Vatican has a history of not upsetting communists despots. That’s why they appoint impostors like the now-retired Cardinal Jaime Ortega, who would sit laughing next to the murderer Raúl Castro, while issuing negative proclamations against Cubans in exile who were tired of his ongoing “dialogue” with the Castro brothers. Read my article titled, Cuba’s Cardinal Jaime Ortega Must Resign— it is calling out for your attention! And guess what, innocent Cubans continued to be arrested, beaten, tortured and imprisoned for voicing their opinions against the Communist military regime, even while Francis was visiting Cuba.
  2. In contrast with Cuba, Francis was eager to visit prisoners in the United States. The message was very clear: reward those who chose to live a life of crime– and ignore those who asserted their God-given right to freedom– and were tortured and imprisoned for it.
  3. The world has witnessed how many times Francis received praise from just about every Marxist and “progressive” leader on the planet, for promoting diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba. Yet, the minute that the flood-gates of diplomacy opened– the number of Cubans fleeing the island, any way they can, has grown exponentially based on the fear that the Cuban Adjustment Act may be dismantled. The Cuban Adjustment Act is the law that grants political refuge to Cubans. If things are looking so rosy for the future of Cuba under this new diplomacy– why are people leaving the island in even greater numbers?
  4. For all the talk of “peace” and “love”– the Castro brothers have now dispatched their military experts to Syria, in order to train Assad’s Syrian fighters in the use of Russian ordnance. Of course, this comes easy to the Castro regime, which has a long history of internacionalismo in the Middle East, as well as in various parts of the globe. Let’s face it, even the most uninformed Venezuelan knows that his country is controlled by Havana and Cuban military thugs.
  5. Francis’s infamous statement regarding homosexuals in the priesthood, “If someone is gay and is looking for the Lord, who am I to judge him?– won him accolades from the homosexual collective and the United Nations “human rights” activists. It should then come as no surprise that the Vatican played down the meeting between Kim Davis and Francis, as almost inconsequential. After all, Kim Davis appears to be too judgmental about these “delicate” matters for Francis’s taste. For the benefit of my international readers: Kim Davis is a court clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, who refuses to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals.

So, of what benefit was Francis’s visit– other than to recognize and empower even more those who oppose the most sacred moral rules of the Catholic Church, on homosexuality, abortion and freedom of the oppressed?

Francis’s to Cuba and the United States may have appeared as a tour de force– but it turned out to be a homage to the Castro brothers, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden– and the whole hypocritical, or mostly ignorant entourage of “Catholic” politicians in Washington DC. It did nothing to legitimately advance the true and permanent freedom of the Cuban people. But worst of all, it left a trail of confusing messages, by making sure not to upset the enemies of Christ, and by giving incredible emphasis to “climate change” and Sustainable Development (SD)– which is international socialism, no, communism, since China is the biggest promoter of Sustainable Development worldwide.

You can see why I did not interrupt the end of my summer vacation to write this piece.

Someone has to say the truth…

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.


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