THE SYNOD ON THE FAMILY AND SOCIALIST INCULTURATION - by Marielena Montesino de StuartInculturation is a term that refers to the adaptation of the way Church teachings are presented to non-Christian cultures, and to the influence of those cultures on the evolution of these teachings.

Let’s examine this “inculturation” process– this rather peculiar and impractical way of “uniting” Catholics– which has been backfiring for more than fifty years.

The Synod on the Family

The Synod on the Family in Rome represents, in my opinion, the epitome of the confusion created by the socialists during the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). This Synod sounds more like one of those New Age “group energy” sessions trying to bring people together under one vibe, by pushing the idea that cultures can influence change in the teachings of the Church– in other words, the infamous “inculturation” approach. One could also call this “socialist indoctrination.”

Having cultures change the Church was not the idea that St. Paul had, nor was this the idea that led to the martyrdom of millions of Christians for more than 2000 years! It is the other way around!

The confusion of this Synod is further manifested in the contradictory statements made by Francis at the conclusion of the meetings:


“And – apart from dogmatic questions clearly defined by the Church’s Magisterium – we have also seen that what seems normal for a bishop on one continent, is considered strange and almost scandalous for a bishop from another; what is considered a violation of a right in one society is an evident and inviolable rule in another; what for some is freedom of conscience is for others simply confusion. Cultures are in fact quite diverse, and each general principle needs to be inculturated, if it is to be respected and applied. (2) The 1985 Synod, which celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, spoke of inculturation as “the intimate transformation of authentic cultural values through their integration in Christianity, and the taking root of Christianity in the various human cultures”. (3) Inculturation does not weaken true values, but demonstrates their true strength and authenticity, since they adapt without changing; indeed they quietly and gradually transform the different cultures.”

Upon reading the aforementioned excerpt, I ask the reader to consider the following: if “inculturation” is such a great thing– why are Catholics so divided? Why is it that our different cultures and languages have not brought us together in faith?

A mess, not a mass

I have travelled extensively and have a passion for foreign languages and foreign cultures– but the fact is that inculturation in the Church has divided Catholics linguistically, and alienated them from an authentic Catholic-based moral culture. As such, there are “Polish-language masses”, “Spanish-language masses”,”Tagalog-language masses,” “Charismatic masses,” “Rainbow/homosexual themed masses,” “Tango masses”… and on and on.

This inculturation is nothing but socialist speak, which goes against the truth, beauty and simplicity of the eternal Christian message that the world desperately needs, which is found in the Eucharist as the center of our faith.

This inculturation has led to sacrilegious and heretical practices during mass– and sacrilegious proclamations of “alternatives” to the traditional family. Examine the following excerpt from a report by Vatican Insider [bold added for emphasis]:

The most significant piece of news in recent days was the unanimity expressed in Germanicus, the only German-speaking discussion group out of the 13 circuli minores. Many would have liked to see theologians such as Walter Kasper, Christoph Shönborn and Gerhard Ludwig Müller captured on camera as they discussed amongst themselves, quoting this or that text by St. Thomas and his interpretation. The report produced by the German group, reads: “The axiom ‘every marriage contract between Christian [sic] is a sacrament per sé’ must be reconsidered. In societies that are no longer homogeneous Christian, or countries with different cultural and religious backgrounds, a Christian understanding of marriage can no longer be readily assumed, even among Catholics.”

Over 50 years of this modernist “inculturation” agenda have left Catholics in total disarray. In fact, it is due to this insanity of inculturation that Francis has had to hold this maddening Synod, which confuses Catholics even more!

How about going back to simple basics? How about going back to reverence for Holy Mother Church by promoting the mass in Latin, the language that binds all Catholics at the center of our faith. This way all Catholics can feel truly united under one language and one Catholic culture (the way it should be)– whether they are attending mass in modern Paris or in ancient Kyoto.

Now, outside of the Church I’m totally in support of people learning and communicating in as many languages as possible and learning about various cultures, as long as it is wholesome and edifying!

But when it comes to our faith and the teachings of the Church, the message must be one of unity in holiness. This is why it is urgent that the modernist Vatican abandon this divisive and harmful inculturation agenda, as an evolutionary approach to the teachings of the Church.

The Church does not need to evolve!

The Church is no place for prelates with bizarre and perverted ideas– who are nothing but impostors!

Everything we need– reverence, beauty, stability, and peace in knowing that Our Lord died for our sins, has already been delivered to us as Catholics through the truth of Holy Mother Church’s eternal teachings. This truth will be distilled in its purest form at the moment of our death, because of its simplicity and clarity, as it carries us into eternity. Amen.

Until we’re once again united in reverence, and under one language (Latin) during mass– without objections and obstructions from the modernist/socialist Vatican– I would like to say… gracias, grazie, merciありがとう for sharing this commentary.

Someone has to say the truth…

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