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During the early morning hours of January 1, 2015 I wrote a commentary titled 2015: The Year of Truth. Considering the events of this past year, I have decided to quote said article and offer my comments now that we are approaching the end of 2015.

Before offering my reflection, I would like to say that as a Roman Catholic I am deeply touched by the international readership that visits the pages of my websites. My readers are a mosaic of people of different religions and backgrounds who overwhelmingly read my commentaries in search of truth. I am extremely grateful for the many comments that I receive supporting and encouraging my writing– because each day we are being lied to as individuals and as a society, by those who embrace materialistic atheism and their fellow travellers. More and more we are being told that there’s nothing that can be done to save ourselves, spiritually and in terms of our safety. I beg to differ. As such, I write as a woman of faith under the theme “Someone has to say the truth…”

You see, if enough citizens all over the world authentically raised their voices against evil, more lives could be saved on every front where we are fighting. The problem is that too many are afraid to step into the light to speak out.

So, here is looking back at 2015. Today’s reflections appear in bold:

January 1: “… there are those who wake up each day facing a wall that holds back their hopes and dreams– because they live in dark places ruled by tyrants. Citizens and leaders of many countries know full well that something is very wrong in these dark places– but are unwilling to cry out in defense of victims.

So, will 2015 be the year when humanity’s conscience will wake up to the truth?

December 19: Slowly… humanity is waking up to the truth, but the reaction that follows  violence and murder is very, very slow– when confronted with the truth about abortion, communism and Islamic-Marxist extremism. As an example, politicians in Washington are incapable of removing taxpayer-dollar support of Planned Parenthood– and innocent Americans are being brutally murdered on our own soil by jihadists, while the government appears incapable of blocking Islamic extremists from entering the United States, as in the San Bernardino massacre.

January 1: That communism is evil and one must never compromise with communists.

December 19: Here we have a very big problem– because humanity has been conditioned for many decades to conform to the United Nations international socialist guidelines (Sustainable Development)– which declare that human beings are enemies of the earth.

This is a lie and a disgrace.

Human beings are innovators by nature– who, for the most part, have improved quality of life on earth. The true enemies of the planet are those who push for population control and who support the murder of millions of innocent and helpless babies. The lower the population, the less possibility that we will see innovation that genuinely brings well-being and economic stability to society. 

January 1: That Islamic-Marxism is the bloody core of the brutality that we are witnessing in the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.

December 19: Islamic extremism is joined at the hip with communism as a political movement–  whether in Iran, in the territories controlled by ISIS, or in the streets of Gaza (under Hamas and Hezbollah leaders, or under Palestinian Authority leaders who are well-known Marxists). Recognizing this Marxist fact is essential to defeating this evil. While the world fails to denounce the true nature of Islamic extremism, Christians are being beheaded and crucified. The Christian community is near extinction in the Middle East– and without the presence of Christianity there is absolutely no hope for this region!

January 1: That abortion is murder.

December 19: Abortion is murder; therefore, it is evil. Evil begets evil. No wonder the world is in such turmoil!  What hope is there for us as a nation with laws that support the killing of innocent and helpless little babies?

January 1: That marriage is only between one man and one woman– and that only a man and a woman can experience the divine and exquisite love that leads to the natural continuation of humanity, which is God’s universal call to order.

December 19: That marriage is only between one man and one woman is a universal truth in God’s call to order. There is no better way to explain it.

January 1: That the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by impostors– and they must be rooted out, one by one.

That Francis, through his administration of the Vatican, is putting the finishing touches on the “social justice” agenda (socialism) that for decades has destroyed the hierarchy of the Church from within.

2014 was a year of pain and bewilderment– but I am not one to let pain and bewilderment turn into resignation. After all, God’s plan was that we were not born to die– and resignation is often the death of our hopes and dreams. We were created in love, by God, with divine supernatural abilities that the average man chooses to ignore. The more we ignore this truth, the more we descend into the dark chambers of hopelessness.

December 19: The situation in the Vatican has reached a state beyond bewilderment. There are no words to describe it. I have been more than vindicated regarding every observation I have made of the modernist Vatican and its hierarchy. Some of the readers who wrote to me ecstatic about the Francis pontificate are now regretting their excitement, as they witness the public chaos of the Synod on the Family and the Vatican’s socialist inculturation– including its support of United Nations “climate change” and Sustainable Development initiatives.

Has the Vatican considered that Sustainable Development is the most powerful force advancing population control worldwide– which makes it incompatible with the Roman Catholic Church?

January 1: It is my hope and my dream that 2015 will be a year of truth. A year of courage. A year of action. A year for citizens and leaders across the world to stand on the side of the angels.

The truth beckons.”

December 19: In conclusion, I’m afraid that humanity is still falling way short of seeing the truth. Babies are still being pulled out piece by piece from their mothers’ wombs and their body parts are sold to the highest bidder. Most of our political representatives in Washington DC are not willing to coalesce to stop abortion. Many simply give us “pro-life” lip service. Islamic extremism is present on our on soil, while political correctness prevails. Political correctness is another form of socialist “feel-good” behavior, a moral myopia– if you will, which clouds the mind and prevents people from genuinely helping their fellow man.

In this spirit of truth, I wish all my readers regardless of their religion, a very Merry Christmas– because it is the only hope for love and peace that humanity can cling to.

— Marielena

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