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Excerpt of Vladimir Putin’s welcoming address to Communist despot, Raul Castro and “friends”

“Allow me to welcome you to Moscow. It is with great pleasure that I recall my latest trip to Cuba and the warm welcome we received.

There is no need to describe the quality of Russian-Cuban relations, which have a long history. Apart from anything else, we are celebrating 55 years since diplomatic relations were restored.”– May 7, 2015


I will not spend much time on this madness, which is afflicting some Catholics who consider themselves custodians of the Faith and stalwarts of traditionalism: their nauseating support of Vladimir Putin as a defender of Christianity! This growing trend has come to my attention through some of the comments and emails that I have been receiving for over a year.

These peculiar “traditional” Catholics who support Vladimir Putin are fairly sophisticated individuals. They are mostly educated, professionals, well traveled– including at least one published writer. So are they fellow travelers, just misinformed– or irresponsible and foolish? I’ll be kind and assume they’re misinformed.

I am a Roman Catholic who has stood up publicly against the modernist / socialist corruption in the Vatican, in defense of Holy Mother Church and tradition– as evidenced through the archives of this website. I also suffered the ravages of Communism under Fidel Castro. As such, it is extremely disturbing to see the support that some of these so-called “traditional” Catholics are giving to Vladimir Putin.

How can these Catholics claim that they are standing up to the socialists in the modernist Vatican, when they are supporting a murderous thug like Vladimir Putin, who embraces the Communist Castro brothers as “comrades”?

Are these Catholics aware that Communism remains the biggest threat to humanity– as the most evil atheist force worldwide, responsible for the death of over 120 million people– and counting?

I am providing below, for the edification of these extremely misinformed Catholics, a couple of samples (directly from the Kremlin) of the many pronouncements issued by Vladimir Putin praising Cuba’s Communist regime– as part of his ongoing friendship and support of Castro’s murderous Communist dictatorship.

For the love of God– as Roman Catholics, Christ is our only hope. Not Vladimir Putin!

Someone has to say the truth…

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KREMLIN – Meeting with President of the Council o…Cuba Raul Castro • President of Russia

KREMLIN – VLADIMIR PUTIN -Congratulation to foreign heads of state and government • President of Russia

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