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THE PASSION: Holy Week in Spain (this is not for minimalists…)

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HOLY TUESDAY IN SPAIN = THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL OF CORDOBA - Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

The following commentary was published in 2014 on Holy Tuesday. It is republished at this time, at the request of many of my readers:

The Passion in Córdoba– featuring the Cathedral of Córdoba, a victory over Muslim rule. But now, here come the communists… and the Muslims, all over again.

Córdoba was once one of the great capitals of the world. I have spent time in this extraordinary city and have experienced the religious and intellectual richness that Córdoba has contributed to Christianity.

Now, the socialists communists in Spain have embarked on a vicious campaign to take the beautiful Cathedral of Córdoba away from the Roman Catholic Church.  This is what happens when modernists in the Vatican allow UNESCO (a branch of the United Nations) to declare a Cathedral part of a “World Heritage” site.

Fortunately, the Diocese of Córdoba is fighting back.

But to make matters worse, the Muslim community in Spain has been petitioning the Roman Catholic Church for a space to worship in the Cathedral of Córdoba. We are grateful that this request has been denied repeatedly.

Reports out of Spain are signaling that there exists a collaboration between socialists and well-funded Muslim groups, that want the Cathedral of Córdoba to be a “space for all.” PDF (Spanish).

May God help us.

The history of the Cathedral of Córdoba began in the 6th Century, when it was erected as the Basilica of Saint Vincent the Martyr.  It was expropriated by the Muslims after they invaded Spain, and ordered its destruction– in order to turn it into a Mosque.

May God bless Saint Ferdinand (King Ferdinand III)–who in 1236 fought to reclaim the Basilica of St. Vincent the Martyr from the Moors and their Muslim rulers.  We pray for Saint Ferdinand’s intercession in helping save this jewel of Christianity, once more.

DON’T MISS this magnificent virtual tour of the Cathedral of Córdoba:  http://www.catedraldecordoba.es/visita/index.html The Cathedral of Córdoba (more historical background):

“The Basilica of Saint Vincent the Martyr occupied the same place before the current cathedral was built, and it is still visible in some of its architectural elements. The Basilica was built in the mid-6th century, at a time when the relics of the martyr were travelling through Hispania and the Kingdom of the Franks. The fact that it was located in such proximity to the palace of Roderick, the Visigoth governor of the city, as well as its sheer size allow the assumption that it may have served as the main temple of the diocese and the domus episcopei.

The Christian cult prevailed in this basilica or at least in part of it until the year 714, when half of it was expropriated. In 786, Emir Abd-el-Rahman I ordered the destruction of this Christian temple in order to build a mosque for Córdoba.”  Read more here… (click on British flag on upper right hand corner to read English version).

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Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.

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