Bogus Charges against Center for Medical Progress have been dropped.

Please read statement from Center for Medical Progress below, as well as some their latest announcements:

Will the Catholic Church step in and help fund the defense of the courageous prolife journalists at the Center for Medical Progress? After all, the modernist Vatican has spent untold millions of dollars in legal fees, in order to defend members of the clergy and prelates accused of the heinous crime of pederasty.


David Daleiden - Center for Medical Progress

David Daleiden – Center for Medical Progress

The courageous journalists from the Center for Medical Progress are under attack for their work– which exposed the gruesome killing and dismemberment of babies at various Planned Parenthood facilities, as well as the sale of their body parts.

On April 14, the following update appeared on the Center for Medical Progress website:

Motions to Quash Illegitimate Indictments Filed in Houston Case (link)


Attorneys for David Daleiden today filed a motion to quash the indictment by the Harris County District Attorney citing a series of abuses that occurred during and after the grand jury’s proceedings that are in violation of Mr. Daleiden’s due process rights under the Texas Constitution.  Prosecutors systematically leaked Grand Jury information to an unauthorized persons and the grand jury acted without proper authority.

Please also watch the following video, which explains the current circumstances of this case:

UPDATE: YouTube has terminated this video. Please click on the video to read the explanation provided by YouTube. However, you may visit the Center for Medical Progress YouTube Channel at


The administrators of the modernist Vatican should help with the funding needed to mount a vigorous defense of David Daleiden and anyone else who participated in the aforementioned courageous work, and who may be in need of funding their legal representation.

Please click on the Center for Medical Progress title link above and stay informed on this urgent matter.

Thank you.

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