San Fermin

Follow the celebrations in the Kingdom of Navarre (Spain and France) during the Feast of San Fermín.

We pray to San Fermín for the thousands of babies who are aborted in Spain and France each year. The last known figure in Spain is from 2014, when there were 94,796 reported abortions. The last known figure in France is from 2013 when there were 216,697 reported abortions.

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Running of the Bulls - Wikimedia Commons by Atkins525

Wikimedia Commons by Atkins525



San Fermín

The Fiesta of San Fermín in the Kingdom of Navarre

El Encierro




The Kingdom of Navarre Celebrates the Feast of San Fermín, Marielena Montesino de Stuart, El Encierro, Pamplona.


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