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I have done everything to expose the evil Communist government that runs the island prison known as Cuba, where I endured years of Communist brutality. I’ve done so through my writing, and through my candidacy for the United States Senate (on the ballot) 2012 Republican-FL.

The common Cuban citizen has no freedom of speech, nor money to pay for a highly censored and limited internet. As such, the common Cuban citizen would not be able to pay nor access my websites. Only Communist government officials have free access to the worldwide web. It’s one of the perks they get for being part of one the bloodiest Communist dictatorships known to man–and it looks like some of these Communist thugs are reading my commentaries. The image captioned above shows a partial view of today’s Country Stats on my blog. Cuba was present.

In addition to watching what writers like me are publishing on the internet, the Cuban government also has thousands of operatives who have infiltrated the United States for almost 60 years. This is well-known to U.S. government officials. The influx of these spies is now worse than ever, due to Obama’s eight years of patently open-border immigration– and his embrace of Cuba through an embarrassing diplomacy, which the Cuban government has spat on repeatedly.

The Cuban Communist government’s aggressive intelligence gathering system has proven to be extremely harmful to the United States, because Cuban Communist intelligence acts as a clearinghouse, which hands over information to our enemies in many parts of the world, including Iran.

To make matters worse, the Cuban Communist government made a mad rush to the finish line in January of this year, by formalizing the sharing of information between the United States and Cuba under the Obama administration– three to four days before President Trump’s inauguration. The Associated Press reported that a memorandum was issued which commits the U.S. and Cuba to sharing information, carrying out joint investigations and possibly stationing law-enforcement officials in each other’s countries. It was signed by Jeffrey DeLaurentis, chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, and Vice Adm. Julio Cesar Gandarilla, the newly appointed Cuban interior minister.”

I recently published a commentary titled “Cuba Urgently.” Please read it, if you haven’t already. Cuba is not just a threat to the United States, but to the entire Western Hemisphere– and the world, through internationalized communism.

Venezuela is a perfect example of this.

The Cuban government is in charge of Venezuela through control of military command centers. The Cuban military controls hospitals, schools, food supply centers, and companies stolen from the private sector. Cuban intelligence officers have been embedded throughout Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry. It has been reported that Venezuela’s diplomatic corps, including ambassadors posted overseas, are Cuban intelligence officers.

Now that President Trump is in the White House, fighting globalism and socialist communist corruption, the Cuban government, along with its supporters in Washington, are doubling up their efforts to cast a wide net of intelligence gathering. As such, it is critical that President Trump move swiftly on shutting down the diplomacy hoax with Cuba, and expelling their “diplomats.”

The message is clear. They are watching us closely, from within and without. The time to act is now.

Someone has to say the truth…

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Reference: US, Cuban Interior Ministry sign law-enforcement deal