As my readers know, I cover many issues that take place in the Roman Catholic world. An important issue which I would like to bring to your attention is the illegal “independence” movement in Catalonia and its socialist (communist) environment. I follow the current chaos in Catalonia very closely and I read the press both in Spanish and Catalan. Here is my report, as of Saturday evening– from the perspective of a Roman Catholic who suffered under communism:

RED OCTOBER IS HERE AGAIN... Is Catalonia ready for communism?

RED OCTOBER IS HERE AGAIN… Is Catalonia ready for communism?

Something nefarious is taking place in Catalonia: members of certain Catholic organizations and schools (Jesuits, Marists, Paulists, La Salle) who are of the “social justice” (socialist) persuasion are aiding and abetting the separatists (a socialist movement) in their circus of illegal “independence”– which has thrown Catalonia into absolute social and economic chaos.

Why nefarious?

Because this same “help” from “social justice” Catholic warriors took place in Cuba in the 1950’s when the Jesuits cuddled Fidel Castro and his terrorist thugs. Almost 60 years later, the Cuban people continue to suffer the horrors of the Communist military dictatorship inside their “social justice” island prison.

I am a survivor from that island prison.

The involvement of these Catholic groups in the illegal referendum for “independence” from Spain is both appalling and ignorant– to the point of becoming an insult to our Roman Catholic intellectual heritage, which has given so much to the world. Catalonian “independence” is as impossible as California’s “independence”– or of any other state of the union. It is a constitutional matter. As such, it is not negotiable.

The attached article (which is in Spanish) poses the question: do these Catholic organizations even care that they are involved in illegal activities– such as hiding illegal ballot boxes in Catholic schools, setting up blockades against the National Police– and other illegal acts which endanger the public?

These rogue Catholic groups seem to ignore that over half of the Catalan population loves being part of Spain, and despises the socialist separatist movement and their illegal “independence”– and they have let the world know this through massive anti-separatists demonstrations in Barcelona and throughout the region.

But you see, this is how communism works. It works through “consensus.” This means that a minority decides what’s good for the majority– resulting in a corrupt environment which always culminates in robbing citizens of their fundamental rights. And these Catholic “social justice” groups have their hands all over it. So much so, that they’re even abusing holy grounds, such as the Monastery of Monserrat, of the Benedictine Order, which has been turned into an activist center for pro-independence political speeches from the pulpit. The monastery has also served as a center for secret sessions for the establishment of an illegal computer registry that contains civil and fiscal information on all Catalan citizens, as part of a government online system for an illegal “Catalan Republic.” Much of the technological information for setting up this illegal online government has been provided by Slovenia.

It is no wonder that thousands of people in Catalonia are grabbing their wallets and fleeing.

Many major companies have left Catalonia– and thousands of Catalans are transferring their bank accounts outside of Catalonia in fear of social and economic collapse, as the socialist separatists (and their fellow travelers) continue with their agenda. Tourists are afraid to visit.

The President of the Government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, has issued an ultimatum to Carles Puigdemont, the leader of the rogue regional government of Catalonia, to reverse the declaration of “independence”– or be subject to Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which will put an end to this criminal environment.

I hear that Catalans are on the streets betting on 155 as their lucky number.

Meanwhile, the Vatican is immersed in an ongoing tête-à-tête with socialists, who have the red carpet rolled out for them in the Holy See, such as members of Liberation Theology, a Marxist “Catholic” movement which has infiltrated and devastated the Catholic Church in Latin America. So, don’t expect to hear any condemnations against the separatists coming from the Vatican.

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Party’s insurrection, led by Vladimir Lenin. They wasted no time. Neither have the separatists in the rogue Catalan regional government. Much like the Red Guards and other revolutionary groups mobilized under the Bolsheviks, so have the members of the Jesuit, Marist, Paulist and La Salle groups, who are participating in their nefarious and illegal Catalan pro-independence activities. The Bolsheviks quickly took control of the infrastructure of Russia. The Catalan separatists are trying to do the same through their illegal computer network containing information about millions of citizens in the Catalan region. Unless Madrid moves quickly, the Catalan separatists will set up an intolerable regime. In many ways, they already have.

President Rajoy must put Article 155 into action– or, like Cuba, Catalonia may have to get ready for 60 years of communism.

Red October is here again.

Someone has to say the truth…

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