The Ecstasy of Santa Rosalia (by Theodoor Boeyermans) Wikimedia Commons

Today is September 4, 2021 and it is the Feast Day of Santa Rosalia— the patron saint of Palermo, Sicily. Santa Rosalia, who came from a noble family, went to live as a hermit in a cave— where she died for the love of Christ.

Miracles of protection were attributed to her intercession during the 1624 plague in Palermo. The painter Anthony van Dyck, who was in Palermo during the plague, depicted Santa Rosalia in several of his paintings.

The Coronation of Santa Rosalia (by Anthony van Dyck) Wikimedia Commons

Santa Rosalia’s intercession continues to be invoked for protection against illnesses and plagues to this day.

Please visit the following website, which features Santa Rosalia’s Feast Day in Palermo, Sicily:

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