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FOR THE NIGHT OWLS…  A Warming Pontifical Soup 

 (A recipe from the Bassa Padana region of Italy)

Take a large cup and fill it half way with very hot broth, then add al dente cappelletti, or your favorite pasta.  Pour in half a glass of sparkling red Lambrusco wine –and enjoy!

I prefer a hot cup of chamomile tea with honey.

If you still can’t fall asleep… then go on to the rest of this blog!

Here you will find information on the revival of the Natural Law as the solution to ethical and political issues– but most important, you will find my  opposition to Vatican II, and my ‘take-no-prisoners’ approach to cleaning up the corrupt impostors (and their traveling companions) in the Roman Catholic Church.   These individuals  have institutionalized homosexuality in the Church, have covered up pederasty and pedophilia and have given lip service to the sacred defense of the unborn, while practicing double-standards.  All with the help of the Vatican’s deep pockets– and with disregard for the sacredness of Holy Mother Church.

True to my ‘take-no-prisoners’ approach– I confront the harsh reality of Benedict XVI’s time at the Vatican– and his misguided support of  the infamous Vatican II.  As such, I was not surprised to see him turn his back on the Throne of Peter.

I cover a wide range of topics involving politics, culture–  even my love of  jazz, opera and cooking, because this is after all, my blog.

I survived communism, so I have seen it all.  You will read about my experience living under the Communists, my experiences as a Roman Catholic, my Herculean and memorable campaign for the U.S. Senate, my battle in defense of innocent human life, the traditional family– and the importance of public policies based on the Commandments of God and the Natural Law.  (See my bio under “The Perfect Conservative Storm” tab).

What began as a much needed escape from all the ‘progressive’ stuff, has evolved into a journalistic battleground in defense of truth, beauty and goodness– read by thousands around the world.

There is too much pain in this world, accompanied by an astonishing lack of discernment.  So I have taken on the job of trying to help the reader think about the danger of descending into the abyss of materialistic atheism– and  I try to do it with a careful balance between humor and heft.

Join me– because this battle continues– and you are in it with me.

— Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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