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Marielena Montesino de Stuart is an observer of culture, politics and the Roman Catholic world, and expresses her opinions as a journalist and conservative columnist.  She is a linguist with fluency in French and Spanish, and an experienced legal and international conference interpreter.  She trained as a concert pianist– and enjoys the game of chess.



Marielena was a candidate for the United States Senate (Republican, on the

Marielena Montesino de Stuart - Marielena Stuart - Marielena Montesino

Marielena Montesino de

ballot, 2012-FL).  During her candidacy for the U.S. Senate she was known as “The Perfect Conservative Storm”.   Marielena is also a popular conservative writer.  She publishes her work under her full name, Marielena Montesino de Stuart– but you may call her Marielena.  The Beijing Affair is an example of her work:

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The Beijing Affair (Part Two)

The Beijing Affair (Part Three) 

Marielena’s memorable candidacy for the U.S. Senate can best be described through the following quotes:

Marielena and her exemplary family are political poetry in motion, they are metaphorically like watching the parting of the Red Sea.  Most Florida voters thought we were fated to be forever saddled with Establishmentarian sclerosis.  Fabian Socialism is no longer the fated destiny for our children and grandchildren.  Marielena has amply demonstrated to Florida Republicans that she is the only candidate qualified to win the August 14th Primary.”

– Douglas V. (via Facebook)

Marielena Stuart embodies the perfect conservative storm that Florida citizens need to deliver to our nation’s capital in 2012.”

– The Honorable Congressman Robert K. Dornan (R-Ret.)

 It was a red meat speech and right on the money. We were left feeling that if Marielena Stuart is elected to the Senate, the place will never be the same again. Truly a candidate for the times.”

– Palm Beach County Tea Party (Jupiter Chapter)

Her positions on nearly all the issues that face us today are as true to the Constitution as anyone who has spoken at one of our events. One can see how much of a threat she represents to the Establishment in politics, since she is not shy about how she would reduce power within the Federal Government.”

– Palm Beach County Tea Party (Boca Raton Chapter)

 I have had significant time with Marielena to discover the kind of U.S. Senator she would be.  I compare her with the nearest Statesman, President Ronald Reagan.  She is courageous, principled, constitutional, conservative, fair and just– and fearless unto death for the cause of American liberty.  She exemplifies American patriotism as a passionate promoter of faith and freedom.  When elected, I have full confidence she would be a conserver of the American Republic and a preserver of life, property and the pursuit of happiness for everyone.  She inspires, encourages, and exudes the rare combination of confidence with humility to our Country’s God.   Her position requires reformation, integrity, godliness, honor and truth.  She is not only up for the task, but will motivate other Senators to follow her lead.  The Conservative Talk Network and the Glenn Pav Show soundly endorse Marielena Stuart for the U.S. Senate.”

– Rev. Glenn M. Pav, President / CEO of the Conservative Talk Network

“All I can say is WOW.  Those fifteen minutes were the most meaningful fifteen minutes of my Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee life.  She is thrilling to listen to and she will receive my vote in the primary.”

– Steven D. Lange, Executive Director of Patriots’ Ink
Marielena is a homeschooling mother.  Her husband, along with their two children, always accompanied her on the campaign trail– as she continued the children’s education.  Marielena’s campaign was a “family affair”.  Each member of the family  worked to help her with her election to the United States Senate.  It was truly an unforgettable, admirable and exceptional Republican grassroots campaign.


Marielena was born and raised in Cuba, where she and her family suffered greatly for opposing Castro’s murderous Communist regime. Her father and uncles knew full well that Castro was a Marxist well before he took over Cuba, and they began to fight against Castro and his rebels as soon as Castro launched his terrorist activities in the 1950’s. Her father and uncles were imprisoned by Castro’s forces shortly after Castro took over on January 1, 1959.  Her uncle became one of the longest-held political prisoners in the Western Hemisphere. Other members of her family were executed and killed fighting Castro’s Communist forces.

From 2010-2011 Marielena was immensely influential in helping defeat the establishment of an anti-life genetic facility (involved in the world of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research) that wanted to locate to Southwest Florida.  This  project was seeking millions of taxpayer dollars– and was backed by powerful land developers and government bureaucrats. Marielena’s courageous fight helped save Florida tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars, while standing firmly on her pro-life principles.  Her success in this grass-roots battle reflects Marielena’s determination to give Florida citizens the right to be heard in the public square – citizens who have long been silenced by Socialist backroom deals and bail-outs.

Marielena has been fighting against Sustainable Development (Agenda 21)  in Southwest Florida since 2008. Her experience living under Communism has equipped her with the necessary knowledge and determination to fight against the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development– which has infiltrated our schools, local, county and state governments.

Marielena is a patriotic American who knows full well that Socialism is destroying our nation. She also knows that Sharia law has infiltrated America and our commerce– through powerful Islamic political influence.

Marielena is a popular conservative columnist, covering the defense of the unborn, the traditional family, military affairs, foreign affairs, Communism and other important issues affecting our nation and the world. Many of her articles can be read at and  Marielena speaks French and Spanish.  She also uses her knowledge of other languages  in her work as a writer.  She is an experienced international conference and legal interpreter.