The communists are controlling everything– including our churches

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The Cattolica di Stilo is a Byzantine church in the comune of Stilo, Calabria, southern Italy. It is a national monument. In 2006, this beautiful church was turned over to UNESCO as a World Heritage site by MiBACT (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo)the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism. UNESCO is part of the United Nations.

This handing over of Catholic churches to UNESCO can be a serious problem, since UNESCO’s “progressive” communist policies could lead to them claiming the Cattolica di Stilo as “shared space” for Muslim worship, as they did with the Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain– which they now call a “mosque.” The struggle over the Cathedral of Córdoba has been epic. The Cathedral of Córdoba began as the Roman Catholic Basilica of St. Vincent the Martyr, until the Muslim invaders occupied it, ordered its destruction, and built a Mosque. Read my commentary HERE.

The Cattolica di Stilo appears to have been also invaded by Muslims at some point, because of some Islamic inscriptions found inside. Let’s hope UNESCO doesn’t start claiming this as an excuse to make it another “shared space” for Muslim worship.  Let’s also hope that Dario Franceschini, Minister at MiBACT won’t let this disaster happen at Cattolica di Stilo.

It’s been proven that the United Nations is incapable of protecting their UNESCO World Heritage sites– as was evident in Palmyra, which ISIS terrorists viciously destroyed. They even beheaded Khaled al-Asaad, Palmyra’s renowned antiquities scholar. Read my commentary HERE.

So I ask, where are the United Nations soldiers with their baby-blue helmets when you need them?

The Catholic Church hierarchy is in love with the United Nations, so there’s little hope for a movement to reclaim these churches under the exclusive protection of the Catholic Church.

Unless the faithful act quickly to put pressure on Vatican officials (who instead of protecting these churches are spending the faithful’s money defending pederast priests)– we will see more and more churches be claimed as “shared spaces” for Muslim worship by the communists at UNESCO.

Someone has to say the truth…

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