What does “standing with Israel” really stand for?

a Jew always has a much higher soul than a Goy, even if he is a homosexual.”

Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel’s Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs in an interview with Maariv (an Israeli publication) Friday, December 27, 2013.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER’s  definition of GOY: Gentile 1

— goy·ish  adjective, sometimes disparaging.  Origin: Yiddish, from Hebrew gōy people, nation.

Gentile: a person of a non-Jewish nation or of non-Jewish faith; especially: a Christian as distinguished from a Jew.

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Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan is not speaking as a fringe member of Israel’s religious right.

Not at all.

Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan is Israel’s Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs.

Ben-Dahan was elected to the Knesset in January, 2013, as a member of Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home)– a Zionist-religious political party.

The Knesset (lit. the gathering, the assembly) is the legislative branch of the government of Israel.

Ben-Dahan is a “Chardal,” a fusion of the Charedim (Ultra-Orthodox), and “Dati-Leumi“–who are Modern Orthodox religious-nationalists.

Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan’s offensive statement, that “a Jew always has a much higher soul than a Goy, even if he is a homosexual” has been reinforced by a tacit endorsement from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres, who have remained silent.

Here is Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan’s profile at the Knesset:

Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Israel's Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs. Elected to the Knesset in January 2013.

Speaking from a Christian standpoint, if the most humble priest of the Roman Catholic Church, or the most humble pastor of a Protestant denomination, had made such statements about Jews– his crucifixion would have been quickly carried out in the public square of the mainstream media.

As Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Ben-Dahan is supposed to unify Jews through observance of Jewish religious laws and practices. But his approach is contradictory. You see, Ben-Dahan says that in spite of his statement about the superiority of homosexual Jews, he is against homosexual marriage.

In Israel, newspapers with English-language editions, like The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz and The Times of Israel,  have stepped forward with opinion pieces condemning Ben-Dahan. The Hebrew-language publication Maariv was the first to carry the story of Ben-Dahan’s repugnant statements. Most of Israel’s political publications have a socialist bent, to varying degrees– a reflection of the socialist-agricultural ethos that defined the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948.

The daily flow of Jewish thought, both secular and religious, is expressed through the pages of the Israeli media, which covers Israel’s judicial ambivalence as both a “Jewish and democratic state.” This dualism affects the very fabric of Israeli society, under the ever-changing and controversial “status-quo” framework of Israeli laws.

This dualism also serves as a platform for the pragmatic compromises between multiple secular and religious political factions– who will not commit to a coherent and ethical constitutional instrument.  In spite of the original intent of Israel’s Proclamation of Independence, Israel does not have a formal Constitution.

The Knesset justifies this chaotic situation on their website, as follows:

The State of Israel is in the midst of a continuous process of change and crystallization, and this does not go together with a rigid constitution.” 

While this article is about the government of Israel, and the people elected to run it– one cannot ignore the deafening silence in the United States. It is evident that the mainstream media in the U.S. (which always goes out of its way to be politically correct) this time is making a convenient exception– and does not want to touch the story of Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan’s offensive statement, “a Jew always has a much higher soul than a Goy, even if he is a homosexual.

Instead, the American mainstream media prefers to leave Christians (of every nationality and color) twisting in the wind, for fear of offending the government of Israel and the international homosexual collective.

So-called conservative politicians in Washington are also remaining silent– even though many of them visit Israel– and are intensely involved in matters pertaining to U.S.-Israeli relations.  This is very unsettling, considering the blood that American men and women have shed in the Middle East, in order to keep Israel safe. And let us not forget that Israel would not exist today without the billions of dollars sent to the Israeli government each year– from the pockets of American taxpayers.

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But let’s be realistic.

As a rabbi and politician of the Habayit Hayehudi party, Eli Ben-Dahan has spoken without fear of a backlash in the ranks of the Knesset.  He knows quite well that his sphere of influence is not limited to Jewish family law. Unfortunately, the nature of Israel’s politics makes it increasingly practical for the government to seek the support of Orthodox religious-Zionist political figures like Ben-Dahan– specifically in foreign policy, as relates to the Palestinians and the Middle East neighborhood. The average American is unaware of the internal Israeli political environment, unless he or she follows Israeli politics closely.  The Israeli government allows individuals like Ben-Dahan to issue his repugnant statements about non-Jews, because it knows that the mainstream media in the U.S. and Europe will not cover it.

And Ben-Dahan is not just shooting from the hip. His statements about non-Jews are based on a Jewish religious worldview. Here is an excerpt from an article by Rabbi Hanan Balk, titled “The Soul of a Jew and the Soul of a Non-Jew: An Inconvenient Truth and the Search for an Alternative”– published in Hakirah.org (Volume 16, Winter 2013).  Hakirah.org is a journal of Jewish thought and law:

“The Soul of a Jew is Superior to that of a Non-Jew”

“The view expressed in the above heading—as uncomfortable and racially charged as it may be in the minds of some—was undoubtedly, as we shall show, the prominent position maintained by authorities of Jewish thought throughout the ages, and continues to be so even today. While Jewish mysticism is the source and primary expositor of this theory, it has achieved a ubiquitous presence not only in the writings of Kabbalists, but also in the works of thinkers found in the libraries of most observant Jews, who hardly consider themselves followers of Kabbalah. Clearly, for one committed to the Torah and its principles, it is not tenable to presume that so long as he is not a Kabbalist, such a belief need not be a part of his religious worldview.” [Bold added for emphasis].

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What does “standing with Israel” really stand for?

The material side

While Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan is busy issuing his vile proclamations against non-Jews as Israel’s Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, the extremely powerful Israeli defense industry is busy trying to sell weapons and equipment to Muslim nations and Marxist-leaning governments like Venezuela’s.

The business of Israeli defense sales is cutthroat, lucrative and secretive– so the United States and Great Britain have to watch the Israeli defense industry like hawks– for fear of weapon sales that will serve to continue the cycle of violence in the Middle East, or in the case of Venezuela, to further destabilize Latin America– which is mostly a coalition of countries run by Marxists under the São Paulo Forum.

Oh, but you say– how could this be?  How could Israel be helping their enemies through the back door, while we pray for them, shed our blood for them– and give them our money?

For the man on the street it’s called greed– but in diplomatic circles it’s delicately referred to as “arms sales diplomacy.”

To add insult to injury, the Israeli government chooses to ignore the long-standing lucrative business relationship that many Israeli citizens have with Cuba’s murderous despots, the Castro brothers.

Something that is lost in the emotional outbursts of “we stand with Israel” is the fact that Israel is and always has been a socialist state– while doing the Dance of the Seven Diplomatic Veils, and keeping the world bewitched, bothered and bewildered with its evolving statehood.  The socialist nature of the Jewish state is not just manifested in its socialist-agricultural foundation, but it is very much evident in the long list of entitlements, which includes subsidizing unfettered abortions– and a history of financing religious individuals, groups and schools, where the Jewish religious worldview of superiority is being inculcated on Israeli Jewish children, with the taxpayers’ money.

The human side

Keeping the Jewish state Jewish is a busy task– that requires the agility and flexibility of a contortionist.

Apparently keeping the Jewish state Jewish calls for a warm and long embrace with prostitution, which has been legal in Israel since 1949. The legalization of prostitution must have been an urgent priority, since the State of Israel had just been created the year before. Of course, the Israeli government did not want to be seen as biased– so it also legalized homosexual prostitution in 1954. One wonders what took them so long?

And as life goes, one thing leads to another.  So legalized prostitution, a billion-dollar industry in Israel, opened the flood gates to human sex trafficking– which has garnered Israel the prestigious award of being listed year after year in the Trafficking in Persons Report by the U.S. State Department.

And what is Israel’s proposed solution to this nightly dilemma? Tax the whores!

Keeping the Jewish state Jewish would not be complete without weeding out those inferior non-Jewish souls attempting to marry Jews. How dare they! This is why it is forbidden for Jews to marry non-Jews in Israel. Ah, but the Jewish state does recognize homosexual “marriages” performed in foreign countries, because according to the Jewish state’s religious laws they are probably inferior souls anyway… so who the hell cares!

In this modern world of ours, where would humanity be without the Jewish state lighting the way for “inferior” Gentiles?

On December 30, 2013 Israel’s government felt this overwhelming sense of enlightenment and decided to completely and unabashedly liberate itself, once and for all, from the shackles of petty exceptions to abortion– and expanded its abortion law, making it one of the most liberal in the world.

A baby in Israel can be aborted right up to the moment of birth– and the government will pay for it. But why should you be surprised? Jewish religious laws concerning a fetus are complicated to say the least, so the Israeli courts are simply expanding and filling the gaps in religious laws, which have left the fetus up to interpretation, throughout thousands of years of Jewish religious thought and rabbinical pronouncements.

So-called pro-life Christians who “stand with Israel” –get your romantic heads out of the socialist-Zionist rabbit hole in the Judean Desert and concentrate on the light of Christendom, which is burning bright!

In the United States, what are most of the large and powerful “pro-life” organizations saying, including Catholic ones?

Not much.

Apparently they $imply don’t want to up$et the Israeli government. Or i$ it that they are much too bu$y with the lucrative $ide-bu$ine$$e$ that they have $pun off their “pro-life” cau$e?  Hey, the $alon i$ open. If the $hoe fit$, wear it!

And what are the $o-called con$ervative politician$ in Washington $aying?

Not much.

They al$o do not want to up$et the Israeli government.

My goodne$$, every time I think of certain large “pro-life” organization$ and “con$ervative” politician$, suddenly my computer keyboard $eem$ to get $tuck on the $$$$$ key. I wonder why?

But let’s get back to the streets of Israel.  There must be hundreds or thousands of Israelis marching down the streets, opposing their government’s abortion laws– wouldn’t you think?

Ah… you are still in that rabbit hole, aren’t you?

The silenced voices of more than two million babies murdered through abortion in Israel are waiting for footsteps and voices of outrage to be heard on the streets of Israel’s cities and towns, as the bloodbath continues.

Speaking of bloodbaths, it is overwhelming to think that a nation that exists in the horrific shadows of Auschwitz and Nazi concentration camps, is the world’s leader in the practice of eugenics– which is a major gateway to abortion.

Dr. Avid E. Raz, Director of the Behavioral Sciences Program and Professor at the Dept., of Sociology and Anthropology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, offered an excellent description of the reality of eugenics in Israel, in his 2010 book titled, Community Genetics and Genetic Alliances: Eugenics, Carrier Testing, and Networks of Risk:

The eugenic utopia of Zionism consisted of the aspiration to redeem the Jewish people by forcing it to face the realities of its biological existence. Inspired by social Darwinism, Zionist thinkers and activists like Nordau, Herzl and Ruppin wanted to engage Jews in sports, agriculture and manual labor so as to counter the degenerative effects of Jewish life in the Ghetto and the Diaspora.  These motives were later repeated in literature, public discourse, and of course, national eugenic practices regarding genetic testing and screening.

The Zionist mixture of personal reproductive choices and collective ideology was constructed as positive and legitimate, even necessary as part of the project of nation-building.

In Israel, eugenics in the form of reproductive genetics has thus been and still is largely regarded in a positive manner.  Eugenic ideologies and practices have persisted in Israel, in a thinly veiled mode, even after the holocaust [sic]— perhaps because they were an inherent and formative part of Zionism.”

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Standing on the side of the truth

The nation of Israel has enjoyed an outpouring of love, as well as moral and financial support– never seen before in modern history.

More importantly, so many have lost their lives defending Israel.

But Israel has charted its own course in the community of nations– and it is one that leads to death and destruction.

Oh, but you say, what about the geopolitical situation in the Middle East? What’s going to happen if we do not stand with Israel?

Without calling anyone simple-minded, let me just say that Americans are sophisticated enough to understand that they do not have to choose between Jewish Zionist-socialists who consider the rest of

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority and Cuban Communist murderer, Raul Castro

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority and Cuban Communist murderer, Raul Castro

humanity inferior– and Palestinian Islamic Marxists.

Frankly speaking, it is high time for the international community to grow a moral backbone and try to save what is left of Christians in the Holy Land and the Middle East– who are caught in the middle– and are being persecuted and murdered every day.

As far as the Israeli government is concerned, it will continue to find lucrative business opportunities with those “inferior souls” that it encounters on the Silk Road, all the way to China.  You see, there is a vigorous and lucrative Sino-Israeli relationship, with untold geopolitical benefits for Israel.

China’s energy-needy economy has turned the Red Dragon into the most aggressive infrastructure investor on the planet. The Chinese will finance just about anything, in exchange for access to energy resources. Indeed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already been served the most exquisite Kosher dim sum in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. This is leading to many fruitful collaborations with the Communist Chinese government– which will surely include more attempts at defense weapons sales, disguised under the seductive wink of “arms sales diplomacy.”

But this has been one long seductive wink– since Israel has a long history of selling weapons to China.

In 1991, the late Julian M. Sobin wrote The China-Israel Connection: New Motivations for Rapprochement, where he outlined the history of covert Sino-Israeli relations:

“Israel possesses expertise in innovating, improving, and copying weapons, and the Israeli defense industry is geared for quick, low-volume sales at competitive prices to ensure its economic survival. Furthermore, Israeli national security requirements guarantee discretion.” 

Sobin was a Fellow at the Center for International Affairs (CFIA) at Harvard University from 1987-1988. He was also chairman of Sobin Chemicals, and senior vice president of International Minerals & Chemical Corp. His biography outlines his extensive dealings with China, after April 1972, when he became the first U.S. businessman to be invited to Beijing, at the outset of the thaw in Sino-American relations.

The Israel-China connection continues to be chronicled by Chinese scholars in the United States.

Dr. Zhiqun Zhu is the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Chair in East Asian Politics– and is Associate Professor of International Relations and Political Science at Bucknell University. Dr. Zhu describes the reaction of the United States regarding Israeli arms sales to China, in his 2010 book titled, China’s New Diplomacy: Rationale, Strategies and Significance:

China’s arms purchase from Israel and its weapons sales to Middle Eastern countries are a constant irritant for the United States.”

In “China’s Middle East Policy and Its Implications for US-China Relations,” in Sujian Guo and Shiping Hua (eds.), New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy (pp. 165-178), Dr. Zhu writes:

That China is both the recipient of advanced weapons from Israel and an alleged proliferator of weapons to the Middle East creates serious security challenges to the United States and frustrates global nonproliferation efforts.”

Israel has been China’s second largest weapons supplier, next only to Russia.”

Israelis, prepare yourselves for a new menu. Benjamin Netanyahu’s desire to please China is so strong, that he has turned his back on his own Jewish people– by withdrawing from a U.S. terror investigation against the Bank of China, which maintained 17 accounts for Hamas.  China does not consider Hamas to be a terror organization. The Times of Israel reports:

Court documents, released for the first time Tuesday evening, reveal the existence of a secret unit, made up of Mossad, Shin Bet and anti-terror agents, to track money used to finance terror. The unit tracked 17 bank accounts being used to transfer money for Hamas between Syria and Gaza in 2005, but the Chinese, who do not consider Hamas a terror group, did not take action. After it was revealed that the transferred money was used in a 2006 Tel Aviv terror attack that killed a Florida teen, the family sued the Bank of China in US court. Jerusalem originally agreed to cooperate fully and was supposed to send an expert who had flagged the transfers in 2005 to testify, but the Chinese threatened to cancel a visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the country, which took place earlier this year. The expert refused to testify and Israel withdrew support for the court case last month, drawing accusations from the US that it was damaging the fight against terror.”— The Times of Israel, December 18, 2013.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as to what we can expect from Israel’s government.

Oh, but what about Iran and a potential nuclear threat?

Not to worry.

It is in China’s best interest that the region remain as calm as possible (for Middle Eastern standards) in order to protect their investments. Israel, as you saw above, will comply.  And when needed, as a means of “diplomacy,” Israel will become the arms-trader extraordinaire for the region, through China or through fraudulent end-user certificates and other secretive maneuvers– which will keep everybody busy, with their on-and-off ancient cycle of tribal wars. I am not being sarcastic. It is already happening.

As we gaze across the ancient Judean Desert we think about the water conflicts that are coming, down the Tigris-Euphrates and Jordan River– be they the result of real water scarcity, or man-made “global-warming.”

Israel already has an advantage by having control over the water resources of the Jordan River basin. Throughout history, he who has the strongest military controls the water resources– and Israel has the strongest military in the Middle East. This is why water resources are always played as strategic cards.

No matter what, the Israeli government is prepared– and is concentrating on water technology, ready to confront any opposition or litigation coming from riparian states.  And the Chinese?  Well, the Chinese are obsessed with rivers and water diversion– and they have a history of building dams that eventually killed hundreds of thousands of their people, so they are standing by, ready to share their expertise with the Israelis.

Ah… then finally everyone in the Middle East can rally around a “sustainable” regional government, but not without first getting the go ahead from the United Nations. That’s one way to get control of the region. You see, you can fight over religion and oil forever. But you only have three to five days to fight over water.

On the financial front Israel is doing so well, that it can afford to pay millions of dollars each year for abortions and eugenic procedures; therefore, it is immoral for Washington to continue to send billions of dollars to Israel each year, by taking money from hard working “inferior souls”– known as American taxpayers.

And since the American taxpayer is bankrolling Israel, it is absolutely hypocritical to denounce Obamacare (a catastrophe)– while turning a blind eye to Israel’s socialized medicine.

Final thoughts

So how did all this happen? Is it that Israel is not the country it promised to be, in modern times? Or could it be that the world failed to carefully examine and understand the Zionist foundation of the State of Israel– and the concomitant political and religious implications behind the “crystallization” of its Jewish statehood?

One thing is certain, by the time the world woke up to reality, Israel was already a socialist fait accompli.

I have lived through communism; so, politically speaking, it is impossible for someone to take me down a rabbit hole.  I have spent most of my life pursuing the noble arts of linguistics and music, which led to traveling not only in the United States but also in foreign countries. In addition, I spent an entire year traveling throughout the State of Florida meeting hundreds of people during my campaign for the United States Senate (Republican, on the ballot, 2012).  These life experiences have allowed me to meet and befriend people of many cultures, races and religions, including Jews– many of whom today feel betrayed, heartbroken and disoriented, as they witness the moral disintegration of Israel.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. It is a final performance– and the “Jewish state” has exited the stage.

 Someone has to say the truth…

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